Need help with technique in ArtRage

  • Hi everyone. This is the first time I have posted a WIP. This is something I am doing to try to teach myself ArtRage. I am terrible at digital and photoshop makes me cuss so I am trying out ArtRage. I am using a Wacom Intuos Pro medium tablet.

    My problem is I am running this on a laptop but because the screen is so small my husband has me using a high def TV for my monitor. When I am painting on the screen it looks different (better) than when I post the WIP pictures. Maybe once I post a picture I am just seeing way more wrong with it?

    I am specifically having problems blending the fur and making it look softer. If you have experience with this program, what brush or blender would you use to achieve a softer look? Or would I do that using a blur tool? My plan for the final finish is to have soft edges/blurred background and have the focus on her face. I haven't started the fur on her face really yet because I am scared to. Hurray for layers though!


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    Thank you for sharing, I love the fur effect you are getting so far- I don't know anything about that program wish I could offer some help, I am sure there is someone here in the forum that can!

  • Thanks! I really love her eyes but beyond that I am feeling really unsure. I am having a hard time knowing when it is too much detail or not enough for the fur.

  • Well this represents tons of hours and 4 days of work going back and forth between photoshop and artrage. I am a total newbie at digital art so I have no idea what I am doing. Trying to follow tutorials but what I really need is to find a solid brush that I like and can use as my favorite. I am also working on an Intuos Wacom Pro medium tablet so the hand eye coordination is giving me fits. I am going to be done with her for now but I saved a bunch of copies so as I get better with digital I think I will tweak it more. I think my current feeling on this is "frustrated". It did not come out like I had pictured in my head.

    "Little Fox"

  • I have the Android version of Artrage - a truly powerful tool! Now that I've gotten my old Intous up and running, I plan on getting the desktop version as well 🙂

    When I look at your fox I think you did a great job on the fur, especially on the back/right side. It looks very soft and like real fur to me, great job! I also like your grass and moss. However I think your background is too saturated and look a little overworked. I don't think there's any need for a realistic background, but perhaps hints of nature? I think the fox would stand out on a paler greyish green backround that seem more distant 🙂

    The face and ears of the fox does not look as consistent as the fur on the back, but I've never drawn fur, so I don't have any tips on how to improve it. Over all I think the fox looks very good 🙂

  • Great fox!

    I really feel for you with the transition to digital, I remember it was such a chore to get used to the Wacom and all the tools and colors suddenly being available to you compared to traditional 🙂

    It looks to me like you've already come a long way, and the fact that this took a long time to create probably just means that you learned tons doing it!

    Otherwise, my five cents would be:

    1. A TV doesn't have the same dynamic range as even a cheapish monitor, so it's really hard to see what the results will be of what you're doing on the TV. I'd advise you to pick up a monitor with "IPS"-panel, which is what will give you decent colors.

    2. Keep the number of values and colors to a minimum, it's so easy going a ll over the place just because you can! One way that a lot of people do it is to keep a palette of 4-10 colors on the side of the canvas that they colorpick from - I really like the way that helps limit all those colors and values!


  • @Camomilla I agree the background was giving me problems. On the reference photo I thought it was a tree but my husband thinks it might be some kind of concrete or something from an enclosure at a zoo. He hates the background. I have to agree. I am going to fiddle with taking the background out and putting something else in there.

    One of the problems I had with the fur on her face is it was a lot shorter in the reference than the fur on her back and tail. I had a hard time with that transition. I thought maybe if I stepped back from it for a few days I might figure it out.
    Thank you so much for your feedback! It is appreciated.

  • @akerman yep.. I am saving up for a decent monitor. I am also saving up for a cintiq because I had a terrible time with the hand eye coordination. Thank you for the tip on the colors. I will try this in my future paintings. The overwhelming choices did have a lot to do with my nervousness. When I am working in pencil I know which ones are my favorites. I am trying to figure out which tools/brushes would be my favorites in these programs. I think I definitely need to simplify my work space.

    Thank you so much for the feedback. I will put it to use in my future paintings. 🙂

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