New Memeber - Wacom Technique Question

  • Hi guys,
    I am new to SVS and I am loving it. The other day, I started drawing on a Wacom tablet for the first time - it's deffinetly an adjustment and took some time getting used to.

    I am sharing my first couple of drawings with the tablet. I guess what I am looking for is some advice on what brushes to draw with, and or colors or settings to use . . . everything I have drawn so far kind of has this airbrushed weak look to it and I am not sure how to achieve a different look. Hopefully you guys can make some recommendations!

    -Andrew Colin Beck

    P.S. any other feedback is of course super welcome!

    Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.51.15 AM.png


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    Welcome Andrew. Hey, you should probably let people know what software you are using because any advice would be software specific (Photoshop, manga studio, sketchbook pro, Artrage...) All different tools and settings.

  • Nice start!

  • Thanks guys.
    I am using photoshop.

  • hi Andrew,
    It was a long process for me to find out how to perfect all these, and there's always much more to learn. But here a few tips that might allow you to start in the right place and not waste time:

    • for the brushes, I downloaded a few that artists use and that I found on the net here and there. I never keep track of them so unfortunately, I couldn't give you any link, but maybe someone here will

    -personally I rarely draw on the tablet, just doesn't work for me. I draw on paper, then scan, then color digitally

    • in the end, I mainly use my own brushes, which are the basic photoshop ones but adapted to my needs: I play a lot with "shape dynamics" "transfer" and "texture". if you don't want the airbrush look, "texture" is definitely the one to experiment with. you can vary the settings to change the effect dramatically.
      I usually stay away from patterns: is that what you used on the 1st illustration for the background? I found them too... predictable, too set.

    • I really advise you to look at Will Terry's painting videos, they're a mine of information. Since I watched them, I also use the multiply layers a lot more, they bring loads of possibilities as well

    • as for the colors, I use the wheel directly and the color tab (HSB sliders). I've tried the swatches a few times, but I'm still not too sure how I could use them. Try everything and see what works best for you

    • These were more photoshop tips actually. As for the tablet itself (mine is an Intuos 4), I have changed a few settings to have some handy keys easy to reach, like space or shift. I use the scroll sheel to zoom in and out all the time. And I keep my keyboard right above my tablet for other handy shortcuts

    Experimenting is the key, but you will find a lot of tips on SVS that will help you to find your preferred way to work. Have fun!

  • Hi Andrew, I've uploaded a brushpack on deviant art that I use a lot...

    Maybe its something you can use...

  • Oh, and I really like to create my own brushes and use the smudgetool....for example in this one I've used it to create texture...fishes leontine.jpg

  • Thanks for ideas and advice, guys!
    I found a couple of great free brushes on that seem to be really nice. I guess you are right — it's all going to take some time to get used to. I also prefer drawing on paper, but I feel like in order to operate in some of the fields I want to break into, I need to become proficient with the tablet.

    Here's my latest drawing with the new brushes - critiques needed!

    Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.05.32 AM.png

  • I love Kyle's brushes. I was just coming to recommend them. The dinosaur looks amazing and really shows improvement. As you said, it all comes down to practice at this point.

    I, personally, draw traditionally and then edit the drawing and color it digitally. I know a lot of illustrators and artists that do the same while others do their art 100% digitally. Do whatever you feel works best for you.

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    Yes, I also use Kyle's brushes. I like the mega dry media pack and the full water color brush pack. I also use a lot of custom brushes. There's a great video on SVS by Lee White that shows you how to make a super nice water color brush and a bunch of other it will give you an in depth review of how the brush engine works in Photoshop and how to adjust them to your personal liking. Also if you get into Manga Studio Frenden makes some awesome brushes....some for Photoshop as well.

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    @Leontine Thank you for sharing!!!!

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    @andrewcolinbeck I really like your painting style

  • Thanks for the comments and ideas, @evilrobot and @laurencrest!

  • Here's another I did today: