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  • My computer is dying, my wacom bamboo is about 8 years old, in the market for my next tool- what do you use? what are your experiences? Would love to hear!!!

  • @lmrush I have a 13HD cintiq and love it! I brought mine barely used from an artist friend. My next big purchase is the ipad pro and pencil so I can be more mobile. Check out @Will-Terry's you tube channel. He talks about all of them and their pros/cons etc. Lots of great info there~!

  • Microsoft Surface's are really cool! I have one (I don't use it for drawing) but it's great if you want something that is both a tablet and a small laptop. It's also got a USB port which is nice. And I've heard drawing on it is really good. Comparable to the iPadPro. Adobe also makes a stylus like the apple pencil that's really good. whispers plus adobe stylus and microsoft surface are cheaper than apple. 🙂

  • I just switched from my bamboo to a 13HD cintiq and I really love it. My draw time is faster without the disconnect, but it took a while to get used to the new work flow.

  • I have an older cintiq and I love it but I'm going to get the Ipad pro as soon as I scratch up the money. Just has so many good reviews and I've seen some really nice work.

  • I upgraded to a Wacom pro large tablet a few months ago. I used my old Intuos 2 for about 14 years. I don't think I could ever use a cintiq, but I know a lot of people love them. I also have a iMac 21.5 which I really love. I do all my sketching and finish work using the tablet. Sometimes I scan a paper sketch, but not often. I think the iPad pro would be great, but I still believe you would need photoshop to get the art ready for print. Buying new tools is exciting - good luck with your decision.

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan I saw them a while ago, when I wasn't in the market to buy, I need to go look again thank you for reminding me!.

  • @dvandegriend I was leaning towards the surface at first why don't you use it to draw?

  • @bharris Thank you! Is there anywhere you know of to test drive the cintiq?

  • @Randy-Smith Thanks for the info. Why don't you think you could work on a cintiq? Just curious...

  • @lmrush I have a surface pro 3 I'd be willing to sell. Fairly new (I can give you the details) and I have some accessories for it. I like using Sketchable with it to draw but Photoshop's interface is too small for me.

    If you get PS CC (the monthly subscription) you can change the interface to be bigger.

    I thought I'd draw on it at my office but I never seem to use it. When I'm at home I love my Bamboo too much. It hasn't gotten much use since I bought it in March of 2015.

  • @mattramsey Thank you so much for the offer, will definitely keep that in mind if I choose the surface pro. I do use PS CC currently with my little bamboo tablet. Thanks again !

  • I was going to get a surface pro 4, stopped at Best Buy last week and the iPad Pro's were on sale, $100 off...that covered the cost of the pencil 🙂 I have a wacom intuous medium hooked up to my comp, and i'm very happy with both so far!

  • @lmrush I've been using a Surface Pro 3 and Photoshop CC for painting since November 2014; I've never tried a Cintiq so I can't compare them, but I use my Surface daily and I'm extremely happy with it.

  • I use an old cintiq that I got for 800 bucks off of eBay. a whole bunch were on sale and this one had a scratch so it sold for far less, 22" model. The scratch was in the protective film... so I have had it and use it all the time... I feel fortunate!

  • @lmrush I don't use my surface for artwork because I have the non pro kind. I don't really draw or sketch digital though. I use photoshop to color and that's it. I like using paper and ink. To me it feels more organic and i love seeing the tiny nicks and fliks of ink rather than a smooth digital line. But that's just my preference and that's why I've never really gotten into drawing digital. Mainly the surface is a great bridge between a Desktop computer, a Laptop, and a Tablet!

  • @Lynn-Larson Thank you Lynn-yes I was looking at those as well

  • @Valerie-Bean Thank you Valerie!

  • @Russ-Van-Dine Do you draw upright or put the cintiq flat? trying to envision the process with the cintiq- Did you test drive the cintiq anywhere before you bought one?

  • I mostly have it upright, it strains my back to lean over it all the time. I had used one at a friends house only once and I thought it was great. My cintiq is older but everything still works great. I am woking on the svs monthly challenge right now on it and loving every minute of it!

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