First scribbly composition idea for Lucy

  • Here is my first scribbly composition for Lucy - my wife says its not working - i think she may be right - the idea is that Lucy is Very cool under pressure - i always pictured the "Big Problem" being behind her when i was drawing her expression - but maybe this will not work as it does not seem like a natural reaction (any thoughts?) - there is something about the drawing that i like so i did want to share 🙂 Attachment-1-19.jpeg

  • I like where you are going with the drawing, but I think you are right, I don't see which problem she is going to solve. Does she want the robot to eat the car or is she going to try and take on the robot? I do love Lucy's face. " I got this" lol

  • @KamiLyon Thanks for the feedback KamiLyon! - is this a better read?Attachment-1-20.jpeg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Nice work on this, I like the whole inside to outside composition of this, it's very unique and has a great feel. For me I think it is Lucy's pose that could change the entire piece and move it toward somewhere a little more dynamic. Right now she is in a very static/passive position and could be in action pulling out the tool or moving in some capacity. I think with the right pose this could still communicate cool and collected but also be more interesting. Hope this helps, I have a feeling this is going to turn out great!

  • @natiwata Hey Nat - Thank you for the great feedback! - i think you are most likely right about needing more dynamism in the pose - by putting the bored cat in the doorway i was hoping to reinforce the idea that this may look like a really big problem but it is really nothing to get worked up about because Lucy is here and she is getting that tool she always uses out of her magic rollaway toolbox to fix the Evil Robot problem 🙂 - i really wanted the tool to definitely be an important element but also be a mystery as to what it is....i do really want to try to paint her with light coming up from the toolbox ...i think if i can pull that off i'll be very happy - do you think if the tool were raised out of the drawer it would help....i could still obscure what it is with a glow and a magic mist effect so it will remain a mystery?........the generic robot was really a place holder for whatever design i would work out ....but he has grown on me today - i'm still not sure about him though - i may change him a bit - here is where i am at the moment - i added a few things and tweaked a few other items - i need to populate her shop with tools and bits of robots now i think - Really appreciate you taking the time - Thanks again Nat Lucy with Bored Cat.jpeg If i do keep this pose - i think i might try having her look down knowingly at the cat or down into the toolbox ....

  • Just add robot. I opened it up quite a bit - trying to shoehorn a robot into the composition was not going too well - open garage door makes sense (right?) - feel like i'm biting off more than i can chew with the street scene but ill give it my best shot - should be able to position robot much better now i think - anyways here's where i am now 🙂Attachment-1-23.jpeg

  • @kevin-longueil I think it does need to be more open as you did here. I was going to suggest moving the window over to the right and having that door on the left but your new idea works too.

    What if she was hefting a large tool (like how mafia thugs are sometimes pictured smacking baseball bats in their hands)? Or do you want the tool to be a mystery?

    As @lynn-larson pointed out on mine, this is to be a spot illustration. So I guess that means to lose some of the background info? I'm a little unclear with regards to how much "background" we can/should have, to be honest.

  • @mattramsey Thanks for the feedback Matt! - @Jake-parker did not mention spot illustration - He said in the video "Just needs to be an illustration, nothin' fancy - just try to be creative" - the web page with the Aprils prompt has not been fully updated which led me to believe that the spot illustration instruction is a relic from last month - the video link is not up for the recorded critique and the winning image is not posted either - that being said i think if it really is supposed to be a spot illustration that there is no hope for this image - which is o.k i think - it is more ambitious than anything i have ever tried and if it turns out o.k. i'll be surprised and pretty happy too - you and Nat have me worried a bit - i really respect your opinions and you have both suggested making the tool more obvious - i was really in love with the mystery of the tool and the glowing drawer - but i think i'll see if i can find a way to try what you are saying - if i keep the tool in the overexposed light it could still be a mystery but make it more obvious that she is taking something out of the is my thinking though... there will be text - and the text provides the context and tells the viewer what is going on - so we know there is a tool and we know it is the perfect one for the fix - so i was thinking the mystery would be a nice element - anyways - i need to listen to you guys and at least give it a shot - thanks for taking the time Matt - i really appreciate it!

  • @Kevin-Longueil no, no, no--i'm not saying the tool has to be shown, especially if you have your heart set on it not being shown lol!

    I was just suggesting a pose based on the awesome facial expression you captured here.

    I'll have to research the "spot illustration" issue. I hope that it ISN'T. If it is, I think I'll still finish mine as a full image but I'll try and tweak it to meet the spot requirement--if that is the case. I agree, I thought I heard Jake saying it wasn't anything special.
    We'll have to see...

  • I'm doing my 3rd Thurs on the assumption that that text was a relic from last month that they didn't delete...on the basis that it would be unusual for them to make the same specific demand two months running, and Jake didn't mention it in the video when he announced the prompt..