Hi, im Bob Szesnat

  • Hi my name is Bob. I have come here to partake in the illustration community and help develop my chops as an illustrator and Artist.
    I hope that I will get better at more general practice stuff when it comes to being an illustrator.
    I kind of been operating in sort of an art vacuum, producing stuff for myself.
    Things like doing multiple thumbs before committing to a final design/ or concept are all things I know but well I drive myself batty by hammering out one final piece because I am dead set on doing that piece. I am getting better at that though it is a habit I'm trying to break.
    I'm very grateful this community exists, Thank you.

  • SVS OG

    Hey Bob, glad to have you here. Looking forward to seeing your work. A good way to get better at this stuff is to do the 3rd Thursday challenges give it a shot it's really fun:)

  • @evilrobot Thanks. I appreciate your suggestion and for replying.

  • Welcome Bob, I like your website.
    I need to get one myself.

  • @Jason-Kellogg Thanks. I'm still trying to sort it out. Put in images, that kind of thing. Happy you liked it.

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