Looking for an accountability buddy

  • I'm posting because I would love to find an accountability partner or group to work through the Illustrating Children's Book Workbook with me. I'm not sure what schedule would suit others, but I'd ideally like to complete a minimum of two (preferably more) assignments per week.

    It would be helpful for me to have a deadline (say, uploading our work every Sunday or something). I'd be open to doing this through email, or in the Artwork forum here, if that would be allowed.

    Would anyone be interested in something like this? I would offer encouragement for sure, and could provide some basic feedback if desired (I'm a student, so you'd have to take my critiques as such xD).

    My intro thread is here if you'd like to see where I am in my art journey so far: http://forum.svslearn.com/topic/136/right-so-hello

  • @K.-W. This is a great idea! I think I would really find that helpful too. Since I work full time during weekdays, I find it very hard to focus and do illustration on my own time. But whenever I have a deadline I am much more dedicated and make time to get it done. I'd also be quite willing to give you (and others) feedback on your work.

    As for the format of the accountability/critique group - why not continue on with it in this same thread?

  • Sound like a great motivator. I am willing to do it, I am currently pushing myself to improve my art though dedication and critique.

  • Two buddies, awesome! 😃 Are you both interested in working through the children's illustration class, or do you prefer to start with a workbook from a different class? I figure it doesn't really matter if we are using the same workbook, so long as we have the goal of posting assignments regularly. Uploading directly here would be fine with me, if the mods are okay with it.

    I believe the Illustrating Children's Book Workbook has 20 assignments. I'm not sure yet what length of time will be needed to absorb each assignment. I kind of like Lee White's system of "belt" grading he wrote about in the motivation thread (http://forum.svslearn.com/topic/122/getting-there-discipline-vs-motivation), where the assignment is repeated until a satisfactory result is achieved. I might be repeating several times in that case. xD

  • Hi there K.W.,
    I Have started with the course, so working together can be fun!
    How about working on the first 4 assignments this week, finishing and posting the last sketches next wednesday?
    We can start a sketchbook and ad sketches when you've something finished?

  • SVS OG

    I'd like to do this as well. I went through the Illustrating for Childrens Book course a few months ago and went through the workbook quickly, but more as very loose sketches to check myself with the concepts rather than finished work. I've been working to pull my portfolio together, but as you all know its hard when there is no one to answer to but myself.

  • I'd love to join in, however, I'd like to preface that I do work full-time 9-5 job as well, also a dad of two girls. So, nights and some weekends work best for me.

  • I did ask about the groups option on the tool bar but so far I have had no response..

  • Over here I've created a topic to post your sketches. Lets Go for it!

  • It's great to see a few more of you interested. 😃 @Nor and @Sarah LuAnn welcome!

    @SteveYoung Ah interesting. Worth looking into, for sure.

    @Leontine Thanks for starting the new thread! I'm thinking it might be best to have like, a baseline goal of one assignment per week for everyone who choses to participate, and then we can meet or surpass that depending on how much time we have to dedicate. If you'd like to do 4 assignments in a week, then awesome! I can probably pull that off some weeks for sure. I'll give it a try!

    I'll switch over to the new thread Leontine started, and post my first assignment. 😃

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