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  • When I first started experimenting with digital, I was using Painter (corel painter 12 to be exact) and I really liked it... the brushes are so intuitive and easy to use! Than I switched to photoshop mostly because I took classes where the teacher would use photoshop, and I see that it can be a lot more powerful in many aspect, but I was curious, does anyone use Painter ? Is it possible to use both ? (take advantage of Painter's traditional brushes and than use photoshop for adjustment)

    I know it is possible to create your own brushes on photoshop, but there's something more natural about just clicking on "pencil" and Bam! you have a pencil.

    Any thoughts ?!

  • Hi πŸ™‚

    I used to use Painter. Mostly I stopped because it's not used in art studios so much (which shouldn't stop you at all). I agree the brushes are a lot more intuitive in Painter. I'm not sure if it still does but you used to be able to save Painter files as .psd's which meant you could do your color correcting etc in Photoshop after you finished painting.

    Alternatively if you like Photoshop this guy makes some pretty nice brushes

  • I did too! I agree that the brushes made tons more sense to me and also the color wheel was a lot better. I will say that my working style has improved a lot more with photoshop though, the ease of use, and also all the tutorials that are available from favorite artists. I don't work in painter anymore, but I really do miss the brushes...

  • @BLuder You're the second person today who mentioned Kyle's brushes to me! I'll check them out for sure, thanks!

  • @BLuder Just bought some!! They look amazing!!!

  • If you want a traditional style, Photoshop is a little bloated & counterintuitive. I've used Painter in the past and love it. I'm working on oils in Artrage for iPad Pro at the moment and am enjoying it. The tool doesn't matter if you're having fun and are efficient. Photoshop, Painter, Artrage, Procreate, Illustrator, Medibang, Manga Studio, Paintstorm... whatever you are enjoying is fine if you can get the result you want.


  • @NoWayMe I know right they're cool! I love the watercolours and pens! πŸ˜ƒ

  • I use Painter. My biggest trouble comes in figuring out how to take SVS Photoshop tricks and finding the equivalent in Painter. But so far I've been able to do almost everything. It seems like a lot of people give up on Painter because it's crashed on them frequently, but since upgrading I've only crashed once. And my files are HUGE. I also feel compelled to say that Painter 16 has some amazing features and brushes. The real watercolor effects get me way too excited!

    And, yes, you can go back and forth between Photoshop and Painter.

  • SVS OG

    I love the way painter works but I've always had problems with it. The lag on the bigger bushes is just too much for me to deal with. Also I've always had color management problems. Also have a huge problem with trying to use dual monitors which is a must with my Cintiq because it is so much darker than my other monitors. Then when I bought my latest version of painter 2015 it was just a complete mess to use on my new Windows machine. It crashes constantly and there never really was a good fix for the problem. I bought it and I've only used it maybe four or five times and my machine always crashes. I've had a few friends with similar issues it seems to only have been with newer computers , but it left a bad taste in my mouth. My main work horse programs are Manga Studio and Photoshop.

  • I find that in Photoshop the brush engine lets me tweak and create brushes in a reasonably intuitive way. If i wanted something different than the (granted, awesome) brushes in Painter all those settings and alternatives made it too complicated for me...

  • Pro

    @DanielDixon That is absolutely untrue. It did originally start as a photo editing software, but as more and more people started using it for digital art, Adobe has long ago started catering to artists. The whole system to make, edit or import brushes is totally made with painters in mind. With every new version they add more features for artists, like the canvas rotation for instance. Years ago they added vector tools for graphic designers, and Photoshop even has animation capabilities! So yeah it's much more than a photo editing software, it's the industry standard in digital art.

  • @NoWayMe

    I have an old cs6 photoshop however it doesn’t function properly so I use Corel Essential 5. I like the natural brushes and in the future move to the Painter πŸ™‚ .

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