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  • I justed watched Lee White's business class and it is great! It was everything that I needed to hear when I was in art school. After watching it, I think that at this point in life I want to pursue educational book illustrations. Call me boring, but with twin toddlers, I could use an overly art directed path. Plus, before kids and after art school, I was a teacher so it just kind of fits.
    In putting together a portfolio, do I include pretty much the same things that would be in a trade book illustrators portfolio? Does anyone have any advice or have someplace they can point me to for help?

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    I'm not sure about a portfolio for that market, but here is a link to a list of educational book publishers. I'm not sure how up to date it is currently. Maybe you can find more information there.

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    I would think it would be somewhat similar to a trade children's book portfolio.

    Consistent characters, narrative story telling, a variety of scenes ie animal and people (show both if they are both strong but if you draw animals way better than people overall I say go with your strength while you work on building your people skills etc and vice versa). Don't put people in your portfolio if you are still really struggling with anatomy. Anatomy issues have a tendency to be much more obvious on people than animals. If your strength is people or both then go for it, but really know your strengths and show case them. Some people are awesome at drawing frogs, I just am no frogs for me 😃 lol

    Have a few scenes with the same characters/storyline. Have at least 12 illustrations, do some full spreads and some spot illustrations.

    Also don't include things that you hate to draw because you'll be bound to get projects with that one thing on every spread!!

    Others can add on! Hope that helps!

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan. Thank you very much for your input. Off to work I go!

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