A course on keeping characters consistent

  • So as I've been working on multiple scenarios between two characters, I find myself struggling to keep them as consistent as I want (even though it isn't my first time). I would LOVE a course showing Will, Jake, and Lee's process working to maintain consistency of character. Does this resonate with anyone else?

  • Yes! This would be awesome 😃

  • SVS OG

    Agreed that's the hardest part is making those characters look right from different angles. Any tips, tricks, or processes on that would be very useful. I'd also like to learn a good digital water color work flow and about getting images ready for print, converting to CMYK, print sizes, bleeds and that sort of thing. Also how to deal with art directors when you get your first job.

  • @Will-Terry @Jake-Parker @Lee-White I resonate with this 🙂

  • A trick to keeping characters consistent is to really break down the character into simple shapes first (just circles and cylinders and squares) then practice drawing these shapes in different angles and perspective. I highly recommend drawing a turn-around for your character before you begin any project, it'll save you a looot of headache in the long run 🙂

    Here are some examples of a turn-around. Notice how the artist utilize lines in the background to make sure everything is in place. Would recommend drawing a front face pose first and then drawing lines across the background to mark where essential features are, then continue with other poses.

    Meg ruff turn arounds247.jpg

  • @Timbdsf If you're subscribed to SVS or have bought the Children's book Class we have a section that covers consistency of character. But - we're talking with an artist/sculptor who has worked in film and games who will teach how to easily create a maquette of your character(s) so that you can draw from that 3d model from any angle... I can't wait for this one!

  • @Will-Terry sounds like a good one, I'll be looking for that one.

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