Troy Eggman and the 3 Pigskins

  • Fumbled-Tackle.jpg Can't-Catch-Me.jpg Tackle.jpg

    Please give me feedback.

  • @Chris-Perry Hey Chris - these look great! - i especially like the first one - only two things pop out to me for feedback - the chicken lips and the size of the helmet in the second image - chicken lips... how else to show that the wind is being knocked out of a chicken though right? But possibly reducing the pink on the upper lip and blending the lips into the beak a bit so they look more like a beak that has the ability to look lip-ish - does that make sense? I think the size of the helmet in the middle images is a bit too large and maybe bulbous - it looks perfect to me in the third image - just opinion of course - i really like you style and think it looks very solid!

  • HAHA! Really fun project!

  • Great work these are beautiful. Love your style.