• So I stumbled upon this article by Noah Bradley
    . Well I already knew that master studies, daily practice, habits, and accountability make wonders, but it inspired me to challenge myself to do a master study each day for an hour for the next 21 days. Who is with me?

    btw, if you dont know where to find some art -> http://www.wikiart.org/

    Here are my first studies, didnt have to confidence to post it until the third one. I chose William-Adolphe Bouguereau to studybgr01.jpg bgr02.jpg bgr03.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I don't know if I could do an hour a day but I would like to! These look really good! Thanks for posting.

  • So far so good! Well the paintings are bad, but at least I am keeping to my promise 🙂bgr04.jpg bgr05.jpg

  • Tempted to try this...but not sure I can commit yet. I'm even skipping this months 3rd thur to work on stuff and I had an idea I wanted try.

    The main deal is you ONLY get an hour? Is it permissible to go over the hour each day as long as you do at least an hour a day?

  • @mattramsey Well you do what ever suits you. But I think if you have just an hour, you can focus on nailing down the core while not wasting time on all the details. For me, I just cant spend more than hour on these studies 🙂 i really like the time restriction as it feels to me like I do more stuff each day. I am also trying to do it as a habit, so when I sit in front of the computer it should be the first thing I do.

  • SVS OG

    These are great for an hour!! I can definitely tell they are Bouguereau studies! I was taking another class that also suggests doing this every day. Find the simple statement, what makes it work. You are totally nailing it!

  • Hey there Jiri. How is this going? Are you still doing the 21 days challenge, would love to see you continue posting about it.

  • SVS OG

    @Lynn-Larson I agree with you! They look great for 1 hour day!

  • Great job so far on your coping the masters. If anything it will help you to stick with something. Though I'm sure you'll see improvement in skill as well.
    Its like how a athlete will study the tapes of best athlete in their sport. They are looking to see how they move and react when they are competing. That's what your doing by copying these Masters, your figuring out how they solved their painting problems and how they lay down their brush strokes.
    Awesome keep it up!

  • @hermidraws I am, I missed a day now, but i am gonna make up for that 🙂 Btw one of the new ones is not Bouguereau , guess which 😃bgr06.jpg bgr07.jpgbgr08.jpg

  • I have to admit, this excercise is much much harder than I thought at start. The colours in the reference are always so rich, and mine so dull. You just cant find a place with just one color.
    And it is really amazing how everything in his paintings works. I dont beleive anything is accidental. Any place you look its light against dark, everything is so masterfully separated. Damn! 🙂
    bgr09.jpg knitting-machine-1884.jpg

  • Man, these are great! 🙂

    I have to practice on my painting abilities, too. However, I heard that if you make small brush strokes instead of big ones -- like, start with small strokes and gradually work your way to bigger strokes (if using big strokes later in your painting), you'll have an easier time of painting, in digital that is.

    And I wonder if you can start grayscale, which will force you to work on drawing, values, tones then apply color as some sort of "frosting on a cake"-kind of thing?

  • @KelvinBurnett3 you can do whatever you want 🙂 Whatever you need to practice. For me its mainly color practice and recognizing values from colors. Also working straight with paint without underdrawing. Well I dont really know what I will take from this, i shall see 🙂

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