Nanobots poster

  • Hi, I am doing this poster for an event we are organizing, it should be an illustration of nanobots doing something with neurons. I know there are some perspective issues with nanobots, thats not important now. The thing is, when I flip it it feels really weird. Really unbalanced (text will go in dark places). Also feel like it might not be interesting enough, but then illustration is still secondary as it should only bring some attention to the text, so I dont want it to overpower the text completely..nanobots5.jpg

    Font and text is not my decision, but I thought it could be placed like this: nanobotsType.jpg

    I will be glad for any suggestions!

  • SVS OG

    @Jiří-Kůs To me it looks just as good flipped - this is a very solid image! - only thing that pops out is needing a tweak is the tubes trailing from the top bot - but that is probably the perspective issue you mentioned - i really tried to see a problem when i flipped it but could not - looks great to me!

  • SVS OG

    I really like this image, it is interesting and very atmospheric! The only thing that I'd change, is I'd move/twist the bottom nanobot so that it doesn't touch the neuron strand..I feel like I want the flow of that curve to be uninterrupted, like this (personal opinion though!).


    I think when you are designing something like a poster or book cover to go with text, often the picture looks unbalanced without the text...(lots of paintings for book covers look so weird, precisely because there's a massive chunk of sky/water/space deliberately left unoccupied..). When you have the text added, it looks a balanced piece to me.. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    i think it looks fine! When you clean up your perspective on the nanobots, you will add more detail which should pull the focus to them. Right now they are almost the same color as the background, so they don't stand out a lot. I've watched too many movies...nanobots creep me the hell out! lol

  • How about some lights coming from them? Either like a focused ray, or glittering off their hands in sparks... say they're creating an electrical current in the nervous system, or jump starting one.

  • It looks lovely to me too! I hope they take your opinion on the text.

  • Thanks all this is probably the final version, i could spend hours with details, but I guess it would be useless.

    @Dulcie You were right with moving him 🙂 Thanks


  • Love the mood in this piece, good work!

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