Regional SCBWI conference for Illustrators this April

  • I just thought I'd let people know in case there is anyone in the Northeast, this is a great opportunity.

    There will be a regional SCBWI conference April 15-17 with a limited enrollment, only 35 illustrators will be there--spots are first come first served. Attending will be 3 art directors, an agent who represents author-illustrators AND an art rep. With such a small conference you won't get lost in a crowd and will be able to really interact with people in the industry and get personal help. The price is reasonable too, even for non-SCBWI members-- $240 for SCBWI members $290 for non members.

    Info here:

    I'll be there, it would be fun to see some fellow SVS people!

  • And now the registration date for this has been extended, in case anyone wasn't sure. More info here:

  • Hi Sarah, I will be going- looking forward to it and to meeting you. I am also bringing a girlfriend along for the fun!

  • Oh hooray! I'll be bringing my husband, he's almost more excited than I am--he just gets to go hang out at the lake, haha.

  • So looking forward to it! It was your post that had me revisit and decide to go! Thank you!!!

  • I almost didn't decide to go since I just went to the NYC conference and spent a fair amount on that. But I felt I got a lot out of that conference and my husband pointed out that this really will be my last chance to do this sort of thing before baby comes without lots more planning and babysitters etc. But maybe he just really liked having three days do explore NYC by himself and wants to do the same at Lake George, lol. Well, he deserves it, its his last trip before baby as well. Regardless, I'm lucky to have a guy who supports my career goals and has never complained about it, though so far my career kind of pays for itself but nothing else. :-} Anyway, I'm glad you decided to go after all!

  • That is so nice, congratulations on Baby-they are wonderful! See you soon!