3rd Thursday iPad pro doodle

  • Here is an idea i had for the "Haven" prompt - not a very interesting angle - but i like the idea of not seeing Haven and only seeing what ever creature she brought - this drawing kind of cracks me up 🙂 Haven.jpg

  • lol I think it's very funny. What a big surprise for the class haha. I think the image stands alone works well on its own concept however it needs something in order to work for the prompt. I cropped for a close up look and maybe adding Haven and her classmates peeking out somewhere could help with the idea. I really also like the texture you have, very interesting.1456631166699-haven.jpg

  • @Naroth-Kean Thanks Naroth! Yes I agree - the camera angle would really need to change to nail the prompt - maybe he should be lifting the roof off too? Anyways... Thank you so much for the feedback - I am really loving your monster in drawings!

  • @Kevin-Longueil what an awesome concept Kevin! I like where you are headed with Naroth' s idea of making it more close up and yours for taking the roof off so we can see the kiddies. It is so wonderful to see you back for a 3rd Thursday and just to see your work!! We miss you when you are away!!

  • @Kevin-Longueil I like the roof lifting idea!

  • @Thrace Thank you Thrace! Good to be back - @Naroth-Kean - Thank you Naroth! - i'll work on some thumbnails and see what you guys think.... for this image i think i need to desaturate the school a bit, change the shadow beneath the creature to be more of a green and less of a grey, and change the yellow on its snout to be less...yellow - what do you think?...anyways thank you both again 🙂

  • Going for a ride idea - thumbnails 🙂Attachment-1-2 copy.jpeg

  • I love this @Kevin-Longuiel ! Such a creative concept and appealing character design. A cropped version would work well, although I do really like the original composition/concept. I like that it leaves something to the imagination, that you start to fill in the gaps and picture who Haven is...

  • Really like your new sketches. I personally think this piece would book well in comic strips, just a thought.

  • GREAT concept/idea and great sketch! I think both version would be good, but I personally like the idea of seeing Haven and maybe some screaming kids by the window! It would be funny!

  • @natiwata Thank you Nat - that really means a lot! - I like the wonder of not knowing what exactly is happening - I am thinking of a close-up though to see into the classroom - perhaps having happy kids looking out of the windows in wonder - not sure though - thanks for the thumbs up on the character design - this head is very baby beluga whale-ish - they have such charming faces 🙂
    @Naroth-Kean Thank you Naroth - That is a good idea - I bought Jake's Comic Book videos but have not gotten to them yet - so much to learn - I'm still working on how to make this image work as a close up too - hard to get all the information into one image - I'm sure that means I'm failing in a way but I still like where this is taking me - really appreciate the feedback!
    @NoWayMe Thank you Noemie! - really appreciate the support - I think you and Naroth and Nat are correct - I think I have to show Haven for this to work for the prompt - I'll post some ideas soon - thanks again!

  • Working on Haven character - maybe have her looking out window with pink monster leash in hand - not sure 🙂 .....i've never drawn eyes this way before - they were originally just place holders but they are growing on me - are they too generic? Attachment-1-3.jpeg

  • Cool stuff! Really inspiring!

  • @jacs Thank you Jacs! - I just checked out your website - very nice work!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Hi Kevin, I really like the drawing of Haven but I think she could use some more sparkle in her eyes or little bit of wink eyelashes.

  • Nice work, love to see more. You use an IPad for this? Awesome..

  • This is very cool!

  • Thanks Kevin, I appreciate that! Everyone here is so good - I'm glad to be part of it!

  • @Naroth-Kean Thank you Naroth - you are right - i'll upload a tweak to her eyes and see what you think - thanks for your help!
    @sam-marrero Thank you Sam - yes - it is on the iPad pro with the apple pencil - works really well!
    @karien Thank you!

  • @Naroth-Kean Sorry to bother you with minutia but is this where you were thinking i should head with the eyes? - such a small difference but i do like it better for sure - i see now though that i did not ad twinkle :).... i'll work on thatAttachment-1-4.jpeg