1 Minute sketches excercise!

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    Hey everyone, just had an awesomely productive day yesterday at work and I wanted to share.

    I'm a lead artist at a video game studio in Oregon, and one of my roles is to do a lot of concept art. I have a list of about 150 items/characters/animals/environments that I have to concept out over the next few months before we start production. Normally I'd divide this list up over time and do 1-4 concepts a day depending on complexity, but after hearing discussion here and on the Chris Oatley's podcast I had the idea to sit down with another lead and do 1 or 2 minute concept sketches of every item all in one day. It was amazing!

    After 3 hours we got through 75 items on the list, and had 2 sketches for each item. We'll do the rest soon, but this was such a good excercise, not only was it fun, but we will now have a base sketch for every item in the game to then filter or take to completion and render, and it only took a few hours. So now, instead of starting each day over the next few months with a blank page, we have a starting point. Anyway, I was just stoked so I thought I'd share. 🙂

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    That is so great!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing! Can you share some of the sketches too or are they confidential ?!

  • That sounds really good! Thank you for sharing!

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