more love

  • So this was my initial idea for Third Thur love, but switched to the mushing team instead. I decided to revisit, working on value studies, feedback always welcome!

    vikinglove copy.jpg . Decided to revisit this, doing some value studies-feedback always welcome!vikinglove 2copy.jpg

  • Really complex scene you have chosen .Considered value-wise I think it can work. But you could still play with the light a bit. For example, what if there was light on the right and dark on the left instead?
    What really bothers me - she is looking away. Why? Is there something on the ceiling? Is she drunk?
    And second consideration is to bring them more to the image. Now the girl is really close to the border and we can see just a bit, I would like to see more of her.
    It also seems a bit too wide. I guess I would enlarge the canvas to be like half a current length higher. Or maybe double the height?

  • @Jiří-Kůs thank you for taking the time to post, I will play around with your suggestions

  • Update since suggestions, I need to get my husband to hand model, I even did Jake's exercise of 50 hands but hands are just tough

  • Hands indeed are tough. Something that has helped me understand how to draw hands better is by 1) trying to draw hands from photographs and 2) looking at how another artist draws hands. I felt like the two approaches kind of complemented each other. By drawing from life (or photographs) you start to notice nuances that will make your hands more believable and then by looking at how another artist draws hands, you see how they interpreted those hand-like nuances and gain ideas on how you can simplify your hands.

  • @shinjifujioka Thank you Shinji I will try that

  • I am terrible I can never finish a sketch properly before starting color too impatient -still struggling with style and level of detail I should settle in


  • Can't decide on eyes.....

    vikinglovecolor.jpg vikinglovecolor copy.jpg

  • more eye studies......