3rd Thursday idea

  • I couldn't get my mind off of this idea for March. I don't know if it's too gross? and not sure about the composition. It was just a quick sketch, but maybe I should think of some different concepts. brain.jpg

  • Haha, brains! what if they are zombie children? I think the design could use a little work just with perspective. Also it kind of seems like the kids snuck the brain away from Haven since she is turned... but I like the idea of her explaining so maybe play with the camera angle a little? I might be completely off base though.

  • i like the idea!

  • Pro SVS OG

    I love the drawing!!!!!-maybe you could have a half showing box of noodles in her bag so she is just trying to scare the kids but it is really noodles-making it not so scary??? just an idea...

  • SVS OG

    lol! I like it! Gross is good, didn't Jake write a children's book about a magic booger?

  • thank you for the feedback! I will try to change the perspective. Maybe she should hand the brain to a kid? I like the zombie kid idea, but then brains would be a normal thing to bring to school, right?

    Thanks for the great input!

    Did Jake write a book about a booger? I'll have to look that up...

  • Also, does anyone else think there will end up being a lot of chalkboards in everyone's backgrounds? Trying to figure out a different background might be good.

  • I totally love the zombie kid concept

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