Gone Fishing Weekly Theme

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to work on my compositional & rendering skills. This is my sketch for this week's theme, "Gone Fishing." Any thoughts are very welcome! Btw, this is just the sketch - I'll be doing the finished piece in pastel, so I can easily make changes now.

    I'm feeling very frustrated with where my skills are right now - I've hit a wall. 😕
    (Please note: the boat is up-ending and there's water coming in from the bottom left. You'll be able to tell better in color - I got lazy rendering that part for the sketch. And the background will be land on the horizon and bIg fluffy clouds).


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    Hi! I love the crooked helmet and the expression on bear's face, it's priceless!
    Maybe I would come back a little and make a bean-stick figure of the bear, to be sure all parts of his body are attached in the right place. I made a little draw-over. of course, this is only how I would draw a bear, so please take it just as a suggestions 🙂 1455966726935-20160220_041051.jpg

  • @mag Thank you so much for the draw-over! I can't believe I didn't notice the arm & ear. I'm wondering - in the reference photo I used for the post, the bear's left leg is stretched out like that, with no hump. I'm too close to it so I can't tell - does it look better with the natural hump, the way you re-drew it, or does it look more like he's falling if his leg is stretched out? I've got to get myself sketching more again - I've been in a slump! Thanks again for the info!!

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