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  • Hi guys! Has anyone lately decided to rework on past works that they think need adjustment or try bring it to equal level of recent work? Yes I have been thinking of reworking on some pieces in my portfolio. The purpose of this post is for everyone who wants to share their the before and after piece. I'm thinking of reworking on this one because it's one of my favorite, and I think I can push the color, lighting and consistency of texture a bit more. Can't wait to see the piece you are trying to work on if any at all. Thanks!

    This piece is called "Once upond a dream"

  • working on it! once-up-a-dream.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @Naroth-Kean Nice addition! I think I'll draw a whale one of these days too.

  • @shinjifujioka Thank you! Whales are one of the best to do :D. Do it!once-up-a-dream.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Ooh! i love the addition of the whale! I like the subdued lighting better though. Maybe it just needs to be warmed up a bit in the update?

  • I think this is REALLY interesting. Such a fascinating concept. I don't see a whale...I see a shark and it scares me to death. Any time I see that silhouette in water I start hearing the theme song from Jaws (have you seen this movie?). Even though it scares me, I'm super intrigued by your idea. I went back and forth between the colors and I think there is something appealing about the greens in the first one, and I really like your window in the second. Now that I look again, I think maybe the warm light from the lamp gave off some of those warmer tones. This is a nice image and really, I like both!

  • @Lynn-Larson Thanks Lynn, the subdued lighting is much more relaxing and calm. I'll try to tone down the murkiness and give it more reflective surface 🙂
    @Carrie Hi Carrie, I love it haha. It was my intention to make the shadow be any water creature that someone could think of. My friends said it looked like a giant Koi, Shinji thought it was a whale, and shark for you which I love to hear. I'll try to bring back some green to the water. Thank you!

  • Looks lovely! Such an enchanting picture. I really liked the darkness of the first as that made it quite mysterious, but I love the introduction of your giant fish! Happy experimenting!

  • I was just thinking that she looks sad in the first picture and it's like she's fishing for a friend. It would make a lovely story where the whale could take her on amazing adventures!

  • @jacs Thank you! I'm glad you find it enchanting 🙂 This piece is one of my favorite, and it is actually one of my dreams when I was young. I was sad in the dream that I could not catch any fish in my flooded room haha. I like the idea of going on amazing adventures with that big fish!

  • This is really pretty! I like all the colors you've done, though I agree that bringing back some green into the water would be nice.

    My eyes are a bit confused on you new light source though. In the first you have a lamp, but in the next two there isn't and the lighting is brighter. Is there a candle that I'm missing or is it all from the moon? Sorry if this is an obvious thing! 🙂

  • @bharris thank you! I notice the direction of the light does not make sense as well so I removed the moon in emitted piece (have not posted), and put it in the water reflection. I really like the candles idea you have bought up! Maybe a hanging light bulb from the ceiling or something. Thanks again!

  • This small town piece I did couple months back and got all kind of issue. Finally fixed it I think haha. Drawing building has always been my main struggle.


  • Wow! That is really amazing improvement. I love your tiny details...the cat, balloons with bicycle, the little flowers in the window. Great job!

  • SVS OG

    That one flows so much better!

  • @Carrie Thank you! I used to be worried about adding detail but lately I feel much better about it.
    @Lynn-Larson Thanks Lynn, the previous one is so chaotic haha.

  • Pro SVS OG

    Just lovely-love your style

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