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    Hey guys,

    This is just an informal announcement, but we are looking into putting together some study abroad classes. The trip I am trying to put together is 9 days in Italy. We need a total of at least 18 people. Cost is pretty reasonable considering everything included.

    I would love to hear your thoughts and interest level on something like this. Here's the details:

    • Full art instruction from Jake, WIll, and I for the entire trip.
    • Full airfare
    • hotel
      -bus and tours
    • some meals

    Day 1: Fly overnight to Barcelona

    Day 2: Barcelona

    Arrive in Barcelona

    Take a walking tour of Barcelona
    Las Ramblas

    Day 3: Barcelona

    Take a guided tour of Barcelona
    Parque Güell
    La Sagrada Familia

    Day 4: Barcelona

    Take a guided tour of La Boqueria

    Enjoy a tapas lunch
    Add this in-depth excursion:
    Dalí Museum in Figueres

    Day 5: French Riviera

    Travel through Carcassonne to Nice

    Day 6: French Riviera

    Take a guided excursion to Monaco and Èze

    Tour a perfume factory in Èze

    Take a walking tour of Nice

    Day 7: Cinque Terre

    Travel to Cinque Terre

    Explore Cinque Terre by train

    Day 8: Florence

    Travel to Pisa

    Visit the Pisa Baptistery and Cathedral

    Continue to Florence

    Day 9: Florence

    Drawing on Location in Florence

    Drawing on Location in Duomo

    See a leather-making demonstration

    Day 10: Depart for home

  • Sounds wonderful-very fair priced, I would love to join in on one of these trips when my two-year-old is a little older and I could see myself leaving him that long-Have fun and post loads of pictures!

  • I should add, as your business class instructor, this class is TAX DEDUCTABLE!!! (seriously) : )

    Speaking of which, your entire SVS subscription is tax deductable too!

  • Holy crap I would love to do this. Depends on when it is though...I'll need some time to figure out where to get the money. Legally.

  • What are the general dates you're looking at taking the trip?

  • I am thinking fall if we can swing it, or possibly Spring 2017

  • Shinji, just re-watch Breaking Bad. You will know how to get the cash you will ever need. Oh, you said legally. haha!

  • Oh man this sounds great! I'm going to see if I can go, and yes it really depends on the schedule. In the mean time, let try to save up some more money.
    @shinjifujioka good idea!

  • 3rd Thursday winner gets complete package for free? LMAO

  • That is a flippin' stellar price!! Wow

  • I land another contract between now and then...this could be a real possibility. Haha the new deck can wait. 😛 My hubby agreed to 5 days with the kids a few years back when we had an infant and a 3 year old running around while I went to an Adv Illustrator Workshop. It was wonderful, though I missed him and my littles, but ITALY and He's awesome sauce so if the money lands right this may not be out of the realm of possibility. Tax deductable is a good selling point. PS I hate flying! Lol

  • I'm in, unless something major comes up between now and then.

  • What do you think are the chances of being able to wrangle 18 people for this trip? Do you have any plans to offer to people outside of SVS, too? Or is it for SVS only.

  • Not sure what the chances are. I think they are good. But that is sort of what this post is supposed to evaluate. We could bring other people outside SVS. We would be grouped with other schools and universities anyway. That's how we can get those prices. Unless we get enough to really do the full thing on our own. I think it would be the trip of a lifetime.

  • Would this fall or next spring work better?

  • @Lee-White anything after this summer would work for me.

  • If it is in october 2016, count me in! (I have my final exam October 5th and have almost a month off after that, yeah! The timing would be soooooo perfect!) If it is in spring 2017, might be able to join also!

  • whahaha, Italy? Barcelona is Spain. This cant be serious... If it is, Ill join and come over by bike LOL

  • It is a tour Spain to France and ending with drawing on location in Italy. 😃 Pretty sweet! Maybe the trip title should be changed for clarity. 😛

  • this one was for italy, france, and spain

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