Sep/Inktober challenge WIP

  • I thought I’d take a leap and get in the spirit of things, by sharing some of my early explorations for the September Inktober challenge…

    I’m not sure on her name yet but do have a good idea about who she is and what’s in store for her… I just need to keep experimenting, particularly with her hair.

    Hoping more of her character will reveal itself over the weekend!


    ![B4DE8672-38D6-49A4-82E4-94238CB7C5E1.jpeg](/assets/uploads/files/16313344211AFAFA6C6-22C6-4D74-8FDB-C422E55ED877.jpeg 02-b4de8672-38d6-49a4-82e4-94238cb7c5e1-resized.jpeg)

  • @Iain-Davidson I love the texture of her hair!

  • @Iain-Davidson what a cute character!

    Question: do you have any experience with textured or very curly hair? Is there a reason why there are asymmetrical flat areas in some of those sketches, or were you playing with shapes?

    As someone with curly hair, I'm just gonna say that some of those shapes don't look like they would be possible in real life ... or if the hair was styled that way, it wouldn't stay that way for long. Don't get me wrong ... I like that you're giving her wild and curly hair! But it is a challenge. You may want to consult someone who has similar hair. They can give you great tips and feedback.

    Looking forward to seeing more of this character!

  • Thanks @Melissa-Bailey-0, really appreciate your input!

    Yes, the asymmetrical hair is deliberate and it would take on all kinds of shapes. My partner raised the same point, but I was wanting her hair to be beyond the realistic, almost larger than life.

    Can’t say I have any direct experience personally (folically challenged for best part of 2 decades) but my daughter has the most beautiful golden curls, very similar to my wee sisters. So I’ve seen how, whilst it’s magical, it can also be a challenge… almost like it has a mind of its own sometimes.

    And that’s what I wanted to play with. Her hair would get involved in adventures, either directly or indirectly, sometimes helpfully, sometimes not-so!

    Does that make sense? Is it relatable? Or am I barking up the wrong tree, haha!

  • Thanks @chrisaakins, I like the texture in the pencil sketch too. I’m experimenting to try and capture that in ink somehow.

  • I am in LOVE with this character!! The hair is SO fun! I love the pencil sketch. It feels so loose and organic. The pencil sketch also gives her hair more shape; it feels more bouncy because it kind of goes up on the left side and then out to the side on the right side, whereas the ink sketch has her hair kind of going in a straight diagonal line from left to right. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense. But I cannot wait to see this character in action! Well done!

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