July contest WIP process: Albert’s Home

  • I wanted to go for the words whimsical, adventurous, eccentric, peculiar, inviting, quirky, ornate, scholarly for this idea called Beatrice Boxley’s Home for Brilliant Beasties. In my story Albert’s genius was discovered by Beatrice Boxley who invites him to her home in the middle of Main Street and Academy Road. I want a Victorian aesthetic dripping with the quirky interests of all the animals living in Albert’s new home. Not particularly original but I freely draw my inspiration from Whit’s End, Ms Peregrine, etc.

    I plan on adding a pool/fountain, bikes, an observatory, a large bird nest, more flowers and potted banana trees, a rope swing, and a rope ladder somewhere.

    Is this hitting the mark so far?

  • Love this....the house looks so spontaneous it would draw in any child.

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