• After watching a few of SVS classes I have decided to start an illustration from scatch with all the things I have learned so far, I am going to force myself to make a thumbnail, complete a finished sketch before painting, do a value study, pick a different perspective other than straight on, and post my progress here to make myself accountable- and so those ahead of me in classes can give input on things I haven't learned yet- I love this forum; seeing others progress and reading the critiques has been great, just today I read a critique about character facing left to right the way you read-something I had learned but had forgotten--Thank you everyone for sharing, I love seeing everyone's work!

  • Here is step one of what I learned at SVS; start with a quick thumbnail sketch. Decided to draw and enchanted forest scene, with three people dancing in the woods, attempting to be done in time for scbwi's entry for prompt word dance, I doubt I will make it in time but the good news is I will have another illustration to add to the pile-I think they need more shading?thumbnail.jpg

  • This is so out of my comfort zone, and first time ever doing anything like this-I love SVS... so here is my perspective study, plan to draw the dancers in the boxes - would love to hear everyone's experiences the first time they worked through this process


  • fiqures.jpg

    This process is so painful-hopefully that means growth, any suggestions to making drawing figures in perspective easier, I would love to hear it-Thanks!

  • A far as making the figure drawing in perspective easier, you could reduce the characters themselves down to basic shapes. Starting from a place where you're drawing rectangles in perspective is easier than going straight to organic forms. It'll help with proper foreshortening too.

  • @Renduin Thank you so much-I will. This is uncharted waters for me!

  • I'm also new to perspective so I'll be sure to watch this post closely! So happy you're sharing your process 🙂

  • @Camomilla Thank you. It is scary putting it out there, but hopefully posting will make me accountable to all of the steps 🙂

  • fiqure.jpg

    Ongoing painful (in a good way) perspective studies thank you Renduin for your suggestion of drawing it out in shapes first

  • Hey there, great to see these studies. I do have a recommendation that makes this process much easier. For me, I always had a hard time putting a person in a box. It just doesn't seem natural. Although that's how I build everything else. For people, I just use what a call
    "the doorway technique" (I made that up). I just use a rectangle as a way to figure out the perspective. Kinda like if a person was standing in a doorway. I just draw the doorway, then add the person using the perspective of the clothing and overlaps to show the depth. It's really easy and feels much more natural to me. Give it a whirl and see how you like it. : )people perspective.jpg

  • @Lee-White Thank you so much Lee for taking the time to write and share your "doorway technique' I will definitely give it a try, putting people in a stacked rectangle almost pushed me over the edge! I will post where I got to today and then start fresh with yours- I too think it will be more organic your way! Thank you Thank you!!!

  • figurestudy.jpg
    Where I got to today using the rectangle approach

  • fiqures3.jpg

    This is where I stopped today. Now to try it Lee's way.......

  • Love the doorway method, so much easier this took minutes as opposed to hours and I think they look better, I will probably change the lower left figure pose but I can't thank you enough for sharing your "doorway technique"
    @Lee-White doorwayfigures.jpg

  • Ongoing progress thanks to Lee's new technique I have adopted, just not sure how far to take the shading since I am going to be coloring in photoshop. I would love to hear all of your thoughts discoveries on how far you take your shading before coloring ?



  • Great work so far. I see you are making a great effort. 🙂

    A small thing I noticed is that the girl on the left would be a bit longer and more triangular in this perspective. Check out some of these Andrew Loomis head drawings from his Head and Hands book on this blog:

  • @NickA Thank you so much Nick I will definitely check out the link!

  • @NickA Great link thank you, when you say "longer" did you mean just her head or her body as well? - trying to see it but I think I may have perspective blindness- ha ha

  • Sorry I was referring to the head. 😉

  • @NickA I thought so thank you! I will work on that.