Albert - feedback please

  • Albert Work in Progress.jpeg

    This is my work so far. I’ve never done a character design before and I am slowly working through the foundation classes so I am very much a beginner at the moment. I would be really grateful for any feedback on my work. What can I work on? What looks wrong? How can I improve?

    (I think he looks bored with the lolly so I need to change the facial expression.)

    Thanks for looking.


  • I really like how you rendered the fur! Yes he does look a bit bored... maybe have his eyes closed "happily" enjoying it?

  • Wonderful fur!

  • Thank you. I hadn't thought of closing his eyes, I'll see how that looks. I thought the fur would make a nice stuffed toy!

  • Perhaps in the running shot you could tilt his head up a bit and have his mouth open as well with his tongue hanging out to the side and back like he's been running a while and is tired(like a dog) I also love the fur but think if his eyes weren't looking straight out towards us in the first and last illo. (down to one side or the other ) that'd soften his expression up a bit.

  • Awesome thank you so much, that's really helpful advice. I'll see if I can make some changes. It is nice to be able to get some help along the way.

  • Albert WIP v2.jpeg

    I have changed the heads on the running and sitting poses. I am really struggling to rework the eyes on the front pose. The second eye is so tricky with the 3/4 angle and I don’t think my drawing skills are up to it yet!

  • I love the rendering! Two things I noticed right away are contrast and silhouette. Change it to gray scale, squint at it, and see how you could make different parts pop more. Right now it seems a bit samey. The silhouette is probably realistic but that can make it a bit blobby and uninteresting. Like "the guys" always say, turn your characters into 1 dark color and work on how to make that silhouette more interesting before falling in love with the details.
    Great work! Really impressive fur!

  • I've heard them talk about the grey scale thing but I had assumed that applied when I put my character in a scene so I would put light character on dark background or dark character on light background. I didn't know I should have applied that to the character design as well. I didn't even consider the silhouette! I haven't done the character design course yet as I'm still working through the basic level classes. Wow there's a lot to think about. I'm pleased to have finished something though!

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