Bird Watercolor Process

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    I'm not even close to having my process figured out, but this is how I went at this one. My big regret with the piece is how I handled the tail and the composition is cut off along the right.

    Overall it is slowly becoming not as terrifying and I am really enjoying it. Being able to mix traditional watercolor scans with my digital work is my next big goal. But, for now I am tackling them separately! 😃

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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan - while I understand the frustration with the fact that the composition gets cut off - you have to stop and give yourself some serious credit for the progress you have made in a relatively very short time. To look at all of the various techniques you have worked into this piece vs a few days ago - its really quite incredible. Keep up the great work and so glad to hear you are now having fun with it!

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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan I have to say...I look forward to seeing your watercolor posts each day. It's getting me more motivated to hop on amazon and order a travel watercolor kit. I think a few more posts from you and I'll do it.

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    @shinjifujioka Thank you! I hope you do grab a set soon and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    @Rich-Green Thanks so much Rich, that is very kind of you. It's funny because for so long I had my own watercolor set and besides a few really bad early attempts I would mostly just watch others paint with it. I find it very relaxing to watch watercolor videos etc but I was also very aware that even though it is a medium that looks nice and user- friendly it is really hard to do well. I would mostly look at my watercolor paints with equal parts curiosity and fear and say "Nah, I'm not ready to tango with you yet." Lol

    So now that I'm diving in to it in this last week I find it's challenging and an utter pain not having an undo button, but really super fun to explore. It's nice trying to break out of my comfort zone and it will be good to be a bit more prepared for @Lee-White's class so he can swiftly break some of my bad habits!! Thanks for the encouragement. 😃

  • I'm enjoying your bird paintings! I like the layered texture on the upper wing/shoulder area. I love birds and want to do more paintings of them but I usually chicken out (wow, bad pun...) I'm still trying to figure out watercolor, but I've found that just working with it and doing lots of quick field sketches is really helping.

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    @Steff Thank you. ..I'd love to see you field sketches.:D

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