Traditional artwork, digitally colored via snapshot! Opinions on this?

  • Hello fellas!

    I have been asked by a past client that had already commissioned me this traditional ink and shades Pokemon piece, if I could procceed to fully render it.
    Because his budget was a bit on the low end, I couldn't commit to the whole process of scanning (or inking over again in higher res) and fully digitally rendering.
    So I came up with a solution that I think works well for both our sakes.
    I took a photo of it and the painted over!
    This worked because he only wanted a digital file.I don't know how this would end up if printed.

    Anyways, what do you think of this approach?
    Do you like the final product?


  • @Georgios-Christopoulos I think it works as an image ok if the client liked it, but the printed quality depends on the quality and resolution of the photo you took and the resolution and lack of artifacts of the final product after you cropped, edited and saved it. To check this, you should verify in the editing program the dimension in pixels and what phisical size a 300 dpi print would be, also look at it on screen at 100% to notice artifacts. Or, of course, you can just make a print at a size you think right and see how it comes out 🙂