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  • Dan santat is one of my favorites. And believe it or not I only recently acquired Beekle! My illustrator dream came a few years after its release. Thank you @davidhohn for the in depth look and breakdown of this book. It just gave me so many “aha!” moments and motivated me to work on my picture book. This is an illustration I did that’s totally beekle inspired but staying true to my style. This isn’t an example from my book but I do have a similar design for one spread in it. I hope you like it!

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    Love the idea that the book breakdown discussion led to new artwork! This looks great. Inspired by Santat but clearly your own!

  • @davidhohn it was seriously so informative, I’ve been doing classes here since last November but nothing has had such a profound impact on me than that breakdown! Between Santat’s work and your expertise, the breakdown just really put so many things into perspective for me, I am looking forward to another! Thank you again

  • @davidhohn Really enjoy the book breakdown. Most people just see cute drawings, pretty colors etc. when in reality the artist puts a lot of thought and energy into hitting all the right notes.

  • Of course there'd be a podcast titled “dangers of inspiration” after my

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    @Larue I'm glad you enjoyed the Book Breakdown! And I totally agree! Most readers won't ever dissect a book at the level we did last Thursday -- and they don't need to! But as picture book creators, spending the time to see they "why" and "how" a book works (or doesn't) is so worth it!

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