Any recommendations for site builders?

  • I'm wanting to make a website to display my portfolio, and I'm looking for a good affordable or free website builder. I've used in the past which I thought was pretty good, but I was wondering if anyone has any better recommendations?

  • I highly recommend Adobe Portfolio, but you'd have to have a CC account first I believe. I'd say for serious portfolio work, it's a good idea to eventually invest money into it, anything from buying the domain name to just working with a higher tier subscription of a website builder. For instance, I built my church's website using Weebly, but went ahead and not only paid for the domain name, we also upgraded so we could do more things with it.

    Hope that helps.

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    I'm a big fan of Works for me. Easy interface, cheap, specifically visually oriented for artists and designers.

  • I’ve used weebly before and it is easy to use. So easy my 66 year old step father also uses it for his cultural group website us down doesn’t ask for any help whatsoever.
    I’ve been thinking of switching to ArtStation though for a revamp. Costs about the same, but you get other benefits too (like access to their training library).
    I’m now sure how customisable it is though.

  • @AButtigieg Yeah I would definitely recommend ArtStation. It's kind of like a formal social media for artists.

    One thing I would say about it is that it seems to be more tailored towards the games and animation industry, which is great for people who want to get hired for those things. I myself use it when applying for animation and games industry jobs as I really want to work in those companies.

    The reason I'm looking for a website in addition to an ArtStation page is so that I can customise it more for my illustration work, I think this would be a cleaner and less confusing way of keeping separate portfolios for different kinds of work as I've heard that employers don't like seeing a load of separate folders when they click on your portfolio.

    Thanks for the suggestion ! A few people have suggested Weebly already so I think I'll check it out to see what it's like. Been giving Adobe Portfolio a go, and it seems to work quite well but I think I'll compare the two.

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    @brettb_draws the popular ones are Wordpress, squarespace, wix, etc. I personally use Adobe portfolio but it’s a bit limiting. I’m switching to Wordpress soon.

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