Pigs-in-a-Blanket B&B, April Prompt

  • Beauty's Sleep-Inn
    My first idea was to draw “Beauty’s Sleep-Inn,” covered with thorny roses and with as many traditional fairy characters as I could fit. There’d be a cut-away where the Big Bad Wolf had just blown down a wall, the Princess lounging on a stack of mattresses behind him, Sleeping Beauty’s stepmother holding a mirror, Hansel and Gretel chomping on the gingerbread foyer, Rapunzel looking down from the main tower, the Emperor, Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, a knight attempting to pull Excalibur from a stone, a dragon, and a stork carrying a dwarf. I desperately wanted to include Rumpelstiltskin trying to claim his reservation at the inn with the manager reading off a list of not-quite Rumpelstiltskin names. But at this point I realized I’d gone overboard and needed to simplify.
    Rachel_Armington_Beautys-Sleep-Inn SVS.jpg

    Pigs in a Blanket B&B/All You Can Eat BBQ
    I decided on a mash-up between the Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel. A bit sinister, yes, but my sons pointed out that Hansel and Gretel’s story involves human cannibalism, and that's pretty sinister as well.
    The building is made of straw, sticks and brick, just as the Three Pigs would want. I had to experiment with the horizon line to get a clear view of both entrances.
    I realize that I wandered away from the perimeters of the prompt, but wanted to share!
    Rachel_Armington_Pigs_in_a_Blanket_BnB SVS REDUCED.jpg

  • That pigs face is perfect 🤣🤣🤣 I love it

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