Baits Inn & Tavern | April WIP Feedback

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    Hi, everyone! Here is my sketch for the April contest if I hopefully have the time to finish.

    My concept is a giant angler fish repurposed into an inn/tavern. The little pawns in front of the main door are people for scale. I'm planning on adding some windows to the front and sides once I have the base shape figured out.

    I feel like the perspective is off, but I'm wondering if there are minor tweaks I can do, or if I should do a full overhaul. Any thoughts? Draw-overs are welcome, too!

  • Hi Miranda, very cool concept. I love it! I’m probably not the right person to help you with perspective on such a difficult organic form, but it looks like the back is a bit low in relation to the front. Maybe it helps to draw two ovals in perspective, one as a ground plane and one as the front. Sorry, maybe Im not very clear but I cannot do a drawover right now.
    Secondly, have you tried to lower the horizon line so you look more up and the “building” is more imposing? Good luck!

  • Looks good to me. I also like @joosterwijk 's idea to make it more imposing by lowering the eye level. I think this is a very cool and fun idea and very original. I like the name, too.

  • @joosterwijk & @chrisaakins Thank you! I think you're both right. Considering the scale and the subject matter, a more imposing perspective would have more impact. Thanks for the feedback! I'll play with it a bit more.

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