New Gallery toy to create your own 3D exhibition

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    Folks, I don't know how many of you might be interested in this, but I discovered this cool new tool recently that my family and friends have been impressed with. It's new to me, anyway... Might be good for those interested in selling prints, maybe?

    Because of Covid, many artists have turned to alternative, internet-enabled alternatives to display their work. A lot of museums have likewise turned to different ways they can share their collections as well. I was involved in an art show with an artist group I belong to, and they used this gallery mechanism to share the submitted art.

    In short, it's a 3D gallery offered by Kunstmatrix ( with a simple code that you can embed on your own website, curate, and share. You decide the layout of your gallery from a selection of options, the color of the walls, the frames, the depth, and size of your work, as well as the placement. You upload pieces to your art collection, then decide which of those get displayed. You publish your exhibition. The basic plan is $12/month for 50 artworks and 5 shows/year. There are other features (including an augmented reality tool that enables folks to virtually place your artwork on their walls, as well as a system for "managing" your artwork).

    Viewers hop into your exhibition and easily navigate around it in their own browser without needing to click to another website or open another window (it can go full screen with a button click). They aren't tracked and they don't have to sign up for anything as the service is European and the laws there no longer legally enable any tracking like that.

    It's really quite remarkable. I created an exhibition of my own work, and it has drawn a lot of folks to see it that weren't interested in simply visiting another website. Seeing my pieces displayed like they're in a gallery has generated more interest in purchasing prints of my work, as well as merch.

    For those of you who are looking to sell prints, this might be an interesting mechanism that helps others visualize your work in an environment and in a way that simply having them on a website might not be able to do. I thought I'd share, as it has garnered a lot of interest from people in my own circle, and it has a certain potential that I'm personally very interested in leaning into and using more.

    Exhibition Shots.jpg

  • This is SUPER cool! I looked around your exhibit, really awesome! Thanks for sharing 💡🙂

  • A wonderful benefit of this is that you can better show the relative size of a piece. I've had buyers (through the internet) who expected the finished artwork to be a different size, if only because it's hard for some people to translate the dimensions from a webpage.

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