Rainbow dog

  • Hey,

    What do you think about this one? I will appreciate your honest opinion. I am trying to level up and I prefer constructive critique to dishonest praise. So don't be shy 🙂

    Rainbow dog is my character. He is LGBT pro and tries to spread the tolerance. I come from Poland, where this subject is a big problem. rainbowDog_s.jpg

  • Hi Aska, great fun piece with a beautiful message! The thing I see is that all the colours ask for a lot of attention, because they are all very saturated. If you want to put more focus on the rainbow you can take maybe more desaturated or more neutral colours for the car and clothing.

  • Dog face and human hand. Try a paw on the steering wheel and see how it looks. Or a three fingered Disney style paw. I do like the idea. Rock the rainbow!

  • The lines on the forearm are a little distracting to me. Also I'm not sure if it matters, but they are driving on the right side. Love the idea. That character is awesome.

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    I like their face.

    I don't mind the human hand, it's an anthro/furry yeah? But for how big the face is, the hand/fingers seem on the small side, the sleeves are lacking. The pose of that arm just seems off as well. I would look up reference of people wearing hoodies, or long sleeve shirts. Maybe even take a couple of photos of someone sitting in that position with some different long sleeve shirts on?

    How it hangs/bunches depends on the material, and how loose/tight it is.

    Upper right is left open for text I am assuming?

  • @joosterwijk

    Thanks you for taking time. All your comments are valid, but i might save them for the next project.

    Ive been doing this piece since January...😅 It's acrylics on wood.The above version is a photoshopped photo of my painting. I will probably put it aside for some time and come back to it fresh but i won't be able to do all the changes. Thats ok, I will be better next time 😊

  • If you have it recorded in photoshop, couldn't you try the changes there?

  • hi, how about now? This time its a photograph of a painting and not its photoshoped version

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