Our SVS Virtual Studio APRIL 2021🐰

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    HELLO!!! 🌸
    Spring is in the air, snow is melting, flowers are blooming, the south east is flooding and the south west is gearing up for another dry summer. What are we going to do about it? What we do best, DRAW!!!

    What’s everyone working on right now?😃

    Imagine you are walking through a studio silently looking over people’s shoulders at their work. This is NOT a place for critiques. You may applaud, encourage, ooh and ah only.

  • Cooling down from the last days with some doodle study!


  • Hi, trying to get a piece for my portfolio. Would love some constructive feedback on this piece. Thankyou 🙂


  • @Julia-Hegetusch I d suggest mirroring your whole image to see what feels a bit off.
    It feels magical but need some balance in my opinion! Awesome work nevertheless! Love it!

  • 3D6ADBCC-E6E8-40F6-B902-97DD1EEAAFAB.jpeg

    The res is a little low but here is an Easter card I made for work. Seems appropriate to post today. Happy Bunny Day!

  • @jakecrowe Love this, especially the bunny and chick at the bottom. Great colors. Thank you for sharing!

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    Doing some horse studies for my book dummy. The horse is featured on 10 pages, from different angles and such that I know for sure I will not be able to find photo references for, so I need to get more familiar with them...Horse Studies 1SVS.jpg

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    I've been challenged by my friend to stop farting around and make one page of a graphic novel. Just a page, either a strip or a first, middle or end page. I've been talking about wanting to do something like that for a while now and she probably is getting tired of hearing it with no results. 😂 I tell you what though, being challenged has definitely lit a fire under my tush. Here is a quick drawing of my main character, Colin. He's a gullible, accident prone little guy who easily falls for his older brother's falsehoods, which lead him into some tight spots.

    EXIT: I forgot to mention. We are opening up the challenge to who ever would like to join us. #comickahnchallenge
    One (or more) page of a comic or graphic novel that you always wanted to do it never got around to doing. 😃

  • @burvantill Colin's expression and cuteness makes me want to read more about this little bear. Love your coloring! Did you use watercolor?

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos Thanks for your comment. Yes I feel its kind of off too. Ill try doing that

  • @RachelArmington thank you! I like that bunny best too.

    @Coreyartus I'm not sure where you live but around here (Eastern Massachusetts) horse eventing is starting up again. My wife rides and (before our child) I would watch with a sketchbook and draw happenings around the farm she takes riding lessons. You certainly wouldn't look out of place if you have a riding farm nearby, you'd really get an opportunity to see all the different ways a horse can move in jumping/dressage/trail riding. (Sorry if my terms are off horse people, my wife is the rider, not me!)

  • I need to embrace the silliness more often.


  • @burvantill Colin looks lovely!that expression is so "awww"!!
    @Braden-Hallett If master demands ,then there is no choice right??

  • Hi everyone! I’m sharing a spread of my picture book, Mustard Thinks Twice, which is almost complete!

    Can’t wait to share the launch with the amazing SVS Community.


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    @JasperS Thankyou. It's digital watercolor in procreate with Maxpack watercolor brushes.

    I forgot to mention. We are opening up the challenge to who ever would like to join us. #comickahnchallenge on IG.

  • @Coreyartus If you go to youtube, you can find lots of videos of horses that you can pause and study in any position. If you are using an iPad, you can take a picture of the still image and save it into Procreate so you can look at the picture right there.

    I own 6 horses. The joints just above their hooves are the fetlock and pastern joints. These will compress/flex under the weight of the horse. The faster they run , the more the compression. In life, the tendons are stretched like a rubber band and the snap back helps propel the horse - part of why they can run so fast. A couple of your pix don't show any compression.

    On horses, stylizing works fine on the top half but even if you are not going for realism, the picture will look off if the leg joints aren't fairly correctP1180251.jpg . This picture of my horse, Java, shows it to the max. I would soften the angle a little bit in an illustration but it shows how the joint works.

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    @jakecrowe I wish I did! I live in San Diego, so I think I could probably find horses around here to take pics of in a pinch. But that's a great idea--to begin I may ask around for some folks who have some ranch-farms! Thank-you!!

    @Kim-Hunter LOL! Those darn hooves and joints! Most of the imagery I've found has them standing in grass, and those parts disappear! LOL! Yeah, I need to get a book on horse anatomy, but your explanation of how their legs work is so incredibly helpful!! I will go look on YouTube for horse info--I do indeed use an iPad!! Thank-you so much!!

  • Makind an illo with the 4 characters I have created for the svs challenges so far!
    Figure I d try this one to check with their consistency!
    Rough sketch phase!!4 CHARACTER.jpg

  • Recently joined SVSLearn and I love this platform so far! Here is a piece I finished today for Inktober52, for the prompt "Shield". It's inspired to the Little Prince, to the crystal ball he uses to protect the Rose. 14_Shield.png

  • The Little Prince is one of my favorites. Your picture is really beautiful and captures the bond he had with the rose. My favorite line fits your picture, "Only with the heart can one see clearly for what is essential is invisible to the eye."

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