March contest, colour choices.

  • Hi. I’m doing my best for this months contest, and see the entry more as a way to learn and get out of my comfort zone than as a real submission.

    For this month I tried to do the following schedule;
    -Create a character background. Where are they from? What do they like? Etc.
    -A number of sketches of different outfits.
    -Select an outfit, do the poses.
    -Select a colour scheme by trying different combinations
    -Colour in the five poses.
    Should have roughly been a few days for step one, one-and-a-half week for creating the outfit and poses than two weeks for colouring. However life happened and my month became the last few days because of sick children.

    I tried to follow the steps in a hastened pace but I’m stuck on colour selection and would greatly appreciate feedback if you are willing to give it. The colours are roughs, might tweak them a little bit. I am not really experienced with digital colouring and wanted to do something believable but stil colourful.
    ![0_1616706246096_DF97A9CE-ED0E-4004-9F35-AA850C5C5EB0.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

    The image

    Re: character and dress choice:
    About my character. Her name is Sri and is about 14 years old, as this story would be a coming of age story for children aged 10 to 16. She is an outgoing girl who lives in a small remote village nestled against a mountain. The village is mostly poor and relies on farming and small trades. Her parents are what you could call lower middle class. Not too poor, but not rich either. Both parents work and she helps put by rock climbing to collect bird eggs, and shoots the occasional bird as a bonus. The village used to be bigger and has a ruined complex next to it including a necroplis.
    When goblins show up to raid the village the villagers want to buy its freedom by allowing the goblins to raid the ruins and the graves within it. While Sri’s family may be poor now, they used to be part of a warrior caste who fell from importance when a long lasting peace come over the country. Who needs warriors when there is no war? And it’s her ancestors buried there! She can’t believe her father is ok with the plan and seeks outside help to scare off the goblin raid. She doesn’t trust the goblins to keep their word, and old tales she grew up with talked about a great weapon resting in the mountain...

    This is of course a way smaller version of the character sheet that I came up with but I don’t want to bore you too much. The gist of it is;
    She is outgoing, comes from a rural community, is not afraid of adventure and has some martial arts training. I wanted to reflect this in simple practical clothes with some details like a knife and a stick she can use to carry a knapsack but doubles as a weapon.

  • I really like #3 great work!

  • @Niels I prefer number 3 too 😃

  • Moderator

    i agree with the others. #3 stood out to me, in a nice calm way.

  • @Niels She's very cool! I like 3 because you can see the character better, the colorful ones are nice but seem to draw attention from the character. I think you could explore using less saturated colors so your character still has something to potentially stand out and make them unique in a crowd without being overpowering. Hope that makes sense. Good luck!

  • @Asyas_illos @CLCanadyArts @Jacy13 @Tiffany-Thomas
    Thank you all for your response! Funilly enough number three was my initial choice before exploring different colour options (did about ten in total). I’m now continueing to the colour stage. Thanks again for the help.

    I will see if using I can get less saturated colours to work for me @Tiffany-Thomas. I’m slowely building experience in procreate, but it’s at a snails pace currently.

  • @Niels haha, I totally get it! Good luck, can't wait to see your final version ;).

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