Demo Series

  • Hey guys,

    The esteemed faculty here at SVS have a new series that we are launching that is a little more informal and shows how we work. No real instruction is intended per se, but as a student I always loved seeing how people worked. So we thought we would share our process too. And that includes basic sketches all the way to finished sketches and paintings. We don't have an official place for these videos yet, so I thought I post it here for you guys first.

    I'm working on a book and am doing black and white comps for the client. They have changed the layout of the book and some other perameters. All week I am going to be doing these fast changes for them. The total working time on this painting is 1 hour and shows sort of how I go about it. Nothing fancy for sure. I have to do 16 of these in 4 days, so speed is sort of essential.

    Here's the link if you want to download it (Note: download button is in upper right of screen where the little dots are. It's not a good design by the dropbox people at all! See screen grab if you want to download the file).

    [Black and white comp video: ( and white

    Some things to notice:

    • Lay in is simple solid shapes
    • Then cleaned up a little with my clumsy drawing style
    • I don't use lighting anymore, but it would have been added 3rd if I did.
    • I use custom brushes that are explained in my photoshop brush making video

    Anyway, hope it helps in some way. We will have tons of these by the end of the year. I think we have set a goal of each of us filiming one or two per month. : )

    black and white comp.jpg

    dropbox screen.jpg

  • Alas it wouldn't play Lee.

  • It's too big to play in the browser. Did you download it?

  • I tried to download the video too and it still won't play even when I shared it to my dropbox. Hmmm...

  • charlie, did you actually download it? It's just an mp4 video. I tried it from two computers and it worked fine. But the actual file needs to be downloaded.

  • I'm going to switch it to a quicktime movie. Gimme a minute or two and I'll get it uploaded. and a new link posted...

  • It just said that my Windows Media Player is having trouble playing it after I clicked on it in my downloads file. I'll wait for the quick time. I also may just need to update the media player too.

  • k, the new file is up. Here's the link: and white

    Let me know if you guys have any snags. Thanks! : )

  • This one is working in the browser, so it should be fine to download as well...

  • Thank you for this - it’s always really interesting to watch artists at work! There is so much to watch right now - I’ve been watching Will Terry’s Perspective class, need to do the practice for that…then I was super excited to see on the calendar that Jake Parker is scheduled to do a series on drawing animals! Wow…and now your process is coming up on screen! You are all really spoiling us…it’s hard to keep up 🙂

    (I’ve downloaded it and it’s playing fine - looks great!)

  • sweet!! glad its working. It's a simple video, but sometimes those are the ones that make the difference. I've always found it great to watch people with crazy complicated processes, but then I didn't know what to do with all those steps! haha!

  • @Lee-White It's awesome, Lee. It's working fine now. I'm watching you lay in the trees, love it!! 16 illustrations in 4 days, HOLY CROW!! That is sheer madness, you rock!

  • @Lee-White it was great to get to watch you work. I enjoyed seeing your variety of brushes from your class and how they are put into action. Great example of not getting stuck on the small stuff! I would have zoomed in real close for the birds and girls face but you kept it loose and moving! Thank you!

  • @Lee-White Really terrific stuff! I like this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • awesome! thanks for sharing Lee.

  • I've been hoping for something like this, I love seeing how other people work, I really learn a lot from it. If it's not to much trouble I have one suggestion though, could you maybe say exactly how much the video is sped up, that way people can adjust the play speed to watch in real-time if they want. Thanks!

  • Runs smoothly on-line. Many thanks @lee-white, great contribution.

  • @Damien-Rambacher The real time for this video is 1 hour. It's sped up 4x for the video.

  • BoatsbySeaLeeWhitePracticeSketchsm.jpg

    I hope @Lee-White does not mind, but I did a little practice session on this piece. I watched the full video and then I shut it down completely and attempted...(poorly I might add) to capture a scene with a Lee-esque quality. Lee has such a talent for creating environments that feel so authentic and lived in. He really knows how to pull you in with the detail and variety and the way he handles value, so I figured this would be a great way to practice.

    As I got further in I really had to use my imagination to fill in the gaps because there was so much I was missing and obviously I didn't capture the same charm as Lee does in his piece, but I found this exercise really helpful and challenging. lol 😃

  • It's hard to capture @Lee-White esques-ness but these are just a few of my personal take aways from this exercise.