Help with book design/concept???

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    Hi Everyone.
    I am working on simplifying the design concept for a book I have been struggling with for years.
    The story is about a boy named William who feeds a hungry snowman in his yard, which attracts more snowmen. Every time he turns around, the number of snowmen in his yard has doubled. By the end of the book there are over 500 snowmen. (You can probably understand why I am struggling with this.)
    I have had this idea to solve the problem by greatly simplifying the design concept for the book. This is an illustration from early on in the story, when there are only 8 snowmen, and William is just realizing what he has gotten himself into.
    I am liking the design this way for a couple of reasons. First, I like the way William, and one snowman looks nice and empty and roomy, then as the story progresses, it fills up more and more with lots of snowmen. The conflict in the story comes in when William's yard is so full that the snowmen are blocking the access to the house. Second, since the day I though of the idea for this book, I wanted the pages to have a border, so that as there got to be more and more snowmen, they could start sticking out of the border, emphasizing the idea that they cant all fit into the space.
    This brings me to the thing I am not so sure about. Is this to simple of a design? Does it still look like a story book If I don't draw the house, the fence, the tree, etc. into the background?

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    @jenithornhill Very cool project!! This took me about 10 minutes in a program called Shapr3D - you could make maybe 10 or 20 unique snowmen of different shapes and sizes and duplicate them to infinity. You can take screen shots at different angles and have great reference that you made yourself for your drawings - I’m sure SketchUp would easily do the same and I think there is a free version - Shapr3d is for the iPad Pro... that’s why I got could build the house in this program too 🙂



  • @Kevin-Longueil thanks! That looks like a lot of fun. I don't have an iPad, but I will look for a similar program for the computer.

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