Feedback please! March Contest

  • March SVS contest otter.jpg
    I am working on a character design for the March Traveller contest.
    I am thinking that if my character lives in a valley, and valleys usually have rivers in them, he probably exists in a culture that was formed around river life. A river otter seemed a good fit. I am trying to make him look like he exists in that world.
    What do you think? Any feedback in appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

  • @jenithornhill Capture.JPG Here it is again with some color blocked in. Thoughts?

  • I think this looks pretty great as a start! I might put some thought into what you plan on doing with the frogs. Are they like sidekick characters he's always going to have around? Or will they not be along for the journey? Or maybe just 1 frog whose his pal from the river as a side character?

  • @jenithornhill Your otter is adorable. He's got an awesome hat and I like his fishing pole bindle. Maybe it would bend a little under the weight of the frogs and bags, and make a more dynamic line? I also wonder what it would look like if you pushed the body shape a bit further toward otter proportions, with almost no neck, and arms more on the front of his chest? That's just my reaction- feel free to ignore.

  • I love the idea of an otter but I think he looks a bit too human. Perhaps it's the length of the arms and legs as otters have long bodies and shorter arms and legs. Lovin the frogs!

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    I like anthros pushed more human, everyone is different.

    I agree, that the pole needs a bend. Perhaps bring the reel, and arm down a bit, to angle the pole up, but have the bend as well, showing the things attached have some weight. The pot feels like an afterthought, maybe redesign those elements. There is also a tangent where the rod and hat brim meet.

    The hat and map have been given more detail than everything else, maybe some more detail in the clothes, or less in the hat/map?

    I'm liking the direction it's going so far. Just thoughts.

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