In Loving Memory-3rd Thurs

  • I love both minimalistic illustrations and contrasting subject with image. Being that the prompt is simply "Love" I wanted to keep my image just as simple, creating depth within the negative space by using the perspective of his footprints in the snow.
    Instead of the telling a story about the best and most enjoyable parts of love, I decided to present one of loves darker sides.

  • SVS OG

    Oh that is beautiful and touching @Naters-Calderone ...really nice. I think it's a great thing to explore the flip side of the coin - that loving someone means you risk the pain of losing them too. Lovely work.

  • @Dulcie thank you thank you. I'm glad you feel the picture too.

  • It is so touching, Nate. It tells more than thousend words. I really can feel the pain...
    It always amazes me how you do story telling with setting the lines exactly where they should be.
    Great great work!

  • SVS OG

    Right in the feels...excellent job Naters. Made me a bit sniffly o.O

  • @Naters-Calderone Great work. I like the minimalism yet the powerful emotions sent to the viewer.

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