Beauty and the Beast Line up - Character design

  • Hi I recently finished Anna Daviscourt's course Introduction to Unique and Appealing Character Design and thought I would share the results.
    Her work is so beautiful and I wish the course was longer as I enjoyed it so much!

    The assignment is to create five characters from Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Belle - curious, caring, strong willed
    2. Beast - proud, protective, Stubborn
    3. Gaston - Aggressive, possessive, conceited
    4. Maurice - Caring, Self Sacrificing, intelligent
    5. Lumiere - Charming, Eloquent

    She leads you through 5 steps to create the characters:

    1. Research
    2. Shape
    3. Proportion
    4. Costuming
    5. Details

    And here are my designs following each of the steps. I merged the designs with flowers for each character:

    I think the proportion step was really useful for getting ideas for different shapes and the details step really transformed the characters into believable people. The little details tell more story about the characters. Think I am going to use this process a lot more in creating my characters.

    Let me know what you think.

  • Theyโ€™re awesome. I think you definitely made them unique and appealing, just like the course name suggests! Belle is so cute! Great work ๐Ÿ‘

  • Very cool ! I also started this course... but I think I would like to try to do the characters based on the original story... the one with the 2 sisters and the 3 brothers !

  • @seelliott This turned out great! They all are very cohesive, yet still have their own unique flair with each of them. Fantastic work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Coley and @Jacy13 Thank you. I was actually surprised how different they all turned out. I don't think they would have ended up so unique without this process. I tend to fixed into the normal proportions and colours for things so this a good way to force looking at other options.

  • @seelliott I just love this class! I always revisit this tutorial for character line-ups. Good Job btw.

  • Great job! I love how your characters turned out. This was fun for me to see as I'm in the middle of this class right now! The class really is helpful and I feel more confident having a process to follow for character design. Thanks for sharing!