Feedback for updated Portfolio?

  • Hey you guys!
    Since last year I've worked on lots of projects with self-published authors and even got published by Loewe in January. Naturally this has meant updating my portfolio quite a bit, and I can finally show some sequential work.

    I have changed my site a little to include a black and white section and a "books" section, and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the layout and content!

    My website is here:

    I am trying to target children and young readers. I'm hoping to reapply to a few agents this year too.

    I know my samples are now quite numerous so I'd love suggestions if any piece doesn't look up-to-par to you guys and might need removing.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • @Nathalie-Kranich Your work looks excellent! I'm no professional but my first reaction when I opened your website was that your first 3 images on the main page aren't your most eye catching nor are they representative of your capability (they're a bit generic). It wasn't until I scrolled down just past those 3 pieces that I started reacting with, "Oh wow! These are great!" Get rid of or move those and I think you'll better hook potential patrons in my opinion.

    Keep up the great work. Really impressive stuff!

  • @Jeremiahbrown Thanks Jeremiah! I'm super glad the work looks alright overall, and I'll take a look at moving some pieces up! Great insight.

  • @Nathalie-Kranich -- I had the exact same reaction as @Jeremiahbrown -- scrolling down in your portfolio, your work gets stronger. Why not lead with that?

    In a recent SCBWI webinar, an editor/art director discussed what they look for in portfolios (of course, they're just two people, but I personally found their feedback helpful and want to pass it on). They suggest leading and ending with your strongest pieces. For them, the sweet spot as far as how many illustrations they like to see is around 10 to 15.

    With that in mind, perhaps you could trim your portfolio a bit to allow the strongest pieces to shine and so they don't get lost? (It would be a shame for an impatient art director to miss your robot & flower illo because they got tired of scrolling.) Organizing your portfolio as a gallery rather than a carousel is a wise move -- it allows the viewer to choose which piece they want to see more of and linger over. Good job.

    And it goes without saying that this is only my personal opinion. Your portfolio is beautiful and your storytelling is superb. Love it!

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 Thank you! I appreciate that a lot, and that's sound advise. Strongest first and last. I guess I'm having a hard time deciding 😃 I was thinking of getting rid of the robot and flower, for one, although I guess an art director had complimented me on that one before.

  • SVS OG

    Maybe not repeat the book illustrations in the children’s illustration? They are different categories so it is a bit redundant. Overall your website looks great!

  • @Nathalie-Kranich great portfolio! I like how clean your artwork is. With your website I would make your call to action buttons a bit more prominent in terms of colour, like 'Get in Touch' etc, and also put a button at the bottom of each section so I can scroll down and click tell me about your project once I have seen all your work. Hope that helps!

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