Yeti Cooking WIP

  • Hi everyone! It's been ages since I entered a monthly contest so I thought I'd have a crack at this one. Was wondering if I could get some feedback on these sketches.
    YetiCookingV2.JPG YetiCookingV1.JPG

    I'm a bit torn between whether I should go for the cute parent and child moment with the yeti kid enjoying the aromas. Or perhaps there's a more interesting story going on with the fussy kid turning green at the smell of their parents cooking? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the concept and/or the composition 🙂

  • I like the second one best, even though it seems more "modern" to have characters that aren't all smiling, I just love the herbs and such represented in the smell in such a lovely way and it made me sad to think of the kid not liking that for some reason. I love the mustache and this makes me want to go cook soup!

  • I love your take on the aromas in the air, and how you're using the space! I think I'm more drawn to the first sketch- the kid's wide open eyes catch my attention right away.

  • I love them both so much! I'm a bit torn between the two, I think the first has a more compelling narrative but the second has a peaceful lovely vibe & compositionally I really love the addition of the Yeti child's hands (on his chest and in the okay position) it creates a nice flow. I especially love how you've added the ingredients of the scent ...brilliant! Can't wait to see how this one develops :).

  • @HeatherBouteneff Thank you so much for your feedback! Ahh I know what you mean, I also feel a little sad for the yeti. But then again can you have comedy without tragedy? 😅 It is also making me very hungry drawing all those herbs!

  • @Valerie-Light Thank you for your feedback! Seems like the jury is still out on the favourite but I am leaning a bit towards the first one too.

  • @Tiffany-Thomas Thank you for the feedback! I'm still quite torn myself! I see what you mean about the yeti's hands in the second one. One thing I wasn't sure about was the 'okay' symbol, although it seems fairly innocent to me I know it's considered rude in some cultures and apparently it's pretty similar to a white supremacy symbol...😱. Maybe I could change it to something more neutral?
    I thought I'd play around with the pose of the first one to make it a bit more dynamic and maybe add that 'flow' the second one has. Played around with the expression a bit more too. So he's either frozen in motion or about to put a clothes peg on his nose.
    IMG_1367.JPG IMG_1366.JPG

  • @Annabishop Awww, it's sad when all the innocent things (like the okay symbol) get corrupted :(. I understand it's definitely always better to play it safe and not accidentally convey something unintentional. I like the modifications you made, adding the more dynamic hand gestures keep that diagonal line which was so pleasing in the second image. Of these two, conceptually I like the one the second one (with the clothes peg) because it reenforces the expression. So fun! Can't wait to see it finished 🙂

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