Chef yeti wip

  • I like my idea for this spot illustration. I’m just thinking I can maybe push it somehow, like something isn’t quite right maybe? Any suggestions for the perspective? I tried to make him look really big, even uncomfortably big. But I just feel like something is missing. Obviously I will be adding color and finishing it up. I’m still in the beginning sketching and shading stage. A89E26DA-D5A6-4F23-94C7-8119AE570F62.jpeg

  • I love your Yeti! I think your "uncomfortably big" goal is done well with his pose and the POV. You could maybe accentuate it by adding the suggestion of background details. E.g. his shoulder is brushing against a ceiling? Or a tree that looks small compared to his size? (I can't tell if he's inside or outside, so you could add more detail to clarify that. Maybe colors would help there.)

    The objects are a little cluttered. You could improve the overall design by grouping them together and overlapping them. I might try crowding the yeti a bit, even, as that could also emphasize his "too big to be allowed" kind of appearance. Also, I'm not sure what the "top secret" is about. Maybe include more detail/info to answer more questions about the story?

    Looks really cool and very yeti-like! I'm excited to see where you take it 🙂

  • @MarksByMallory thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

  • SVS OG

    @juliemillardart hi! Looking good. Maybe you can move the secret spice to the yeti’s side and perhaps get rid of the small bowl and mice on the floor?

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