Yeti home sweet home, okay so far?

  • I meant to ask for help in the beginning stages but after I scrapped my first one I just really got into it and didn't want to stop drawing. Any critiques on this one as I go? I wasn't quite sure how to make the chimney fit in so I made it like a bendy straw. I'm a new member so I didn't have a yeti, but mine is kind of a big fuzzy bean that wears long johns underneath ice cube overalls and raises goats in the mountains. I was inspired by Candy Land, Care Bears, and this absolutely ethereal unicorn sticker book I had in the 80's.

  • Do you have Ann image to share with us? I don’t see one here?

  • @Asyas_illos I think I fixed it? It was showing up to me but not anyone else since I think. Thank you for the heads up!!

  • It’s here now!I love the pastel color pallet and the yeti shaped door looks like you’re on the right path!

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