Ronnie Wood Caricature Painting

  • Hey SVSers!

    I've just finished a caricature painting of Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones in Procreate on my iPad Pro.

    If anyone's interested I used one brush and one layer for everything except the hair. The brush was called Turpentine. When I got to the hair I did the the majority of it on the first layer I'd been using for everything else and then on another layer I did the individual strands with a round airbrush.



  • @Ace-Connell Very, very nice. Your hair work is terrific!!!

  • @Rob-Smith Thank you so much! Yeah, well I didn't think so after 6 hours straight with no break of little damn hair strokes haha. My shoulder will never be the same again. Thanks again 🙂


  • SVS OG

    @Ace-Connell This turned out great Ace! I really like the way you handled the hair - it looks really good!

  • SVS OG

    @Ace-Connell Super Nice! - really great Ace!

  • @Ace-Connell is this piece about Ronnie's hair? I ask because it appears you spent great care in rendering the hair and have wonderful textures, but the face has very little texture. I think his face should be rendered with the same care and his face and eyes should have as great a texture as the hair. He lived a hard life and his face should reflect it. Great start. Careful with using black in shadows as it tends to flatten images and provides no information on the quality of the light. Push the shadows cooler if the light source is warm and more warm if the light source is cool such as northern sky light.

  • @seanwelty Thanks. I had the biggest value contrast by far in the face to draw attention there. There's not much value difference within the hair - that's why I kept the background value a similar value to the hair so it didn't stand out as much. The black shadows in the reference were actually darker than I went and I wanted to draw the attention to the mouth/nose as they are what Ronnie is to me. I stayed more painterly away from those areas intentionally. Thank you for the input though, I really appreciate it.

    Cheers everyone! On to the next one now.