Any Mac owners update to Big Sur yet? How is it with your setup?

  • SVS OG

    I just noticed I have a new Mac operating system available, Big Sur. I haven't updated to PS 2021 yet. I think my Cintiq driver is up to date.

    Last May I had a disastrous couple of weeks when I updated to Catalina. Ever since then, I have been very hesitant to update any of the three main components to my setup--Mac, PS or Wacom.

    So, has anyone updated their Mac system, or heard the scoop on what happens when you do? Is it safe? Or will we wind up in tech support jail again? Thanks for any shared experiences!

  • Is there a feature you need in Big Sur? Is your computer running without issues?

    If so, why update? If you're computer is running well, don't update. Update when you need to.

    If photoshop is running well, why update? Besides, the newest Photoshop will run on older OSs. If you want to try the newer PS, install it but do not delete tour old version as that is an option via the creative cloud app.

  • SVS OG

    Thanks, @jimsz! My default is to wait until I hear from others who have tried an update. I've heard it's a good update, and especially that it adds more security, but just wanted to get an all-clear first.

    As for PS, I unfortunately have already experience with stepping back to a previous version, so I know how to do that if need be.

    Sometimes updates make for a nicer experience, but only if all the parts work well together!

  • I updated to Big Sur a few weeks ago. 2020 iMac. I use an old wacom intuos4 tablet and have a couple of printers. So far everything is running smoothly thankfully. The only issue is a nagging alert to input my exchange password for email. I can't make the notification go away but my email works fine otherwise. Overall I like the new operating system. Good luck!

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