Donna’s Sketchbook

  • I’m staking my little corner in the SVS forum haha.

    I wanted to list down my Big dream projects to keep me focused and accountable:

    1. Grimm’s Fairytale book collection
    2. Filipino Folklore book collection
    3. Bible themed activity sheets and flash cards
    4. Chinese metaphor anthology
    5. Life in Ongpin (original story based on our grandparents food factory)

    These aren’t listed in order and it will probably change over time (I would love to explore Greek Mythology and Holiday themed illustrations!) but I wanted a convenient place to refer back on when I’m feeling lost and don’t know what to draw haha.

    What to expect: I’ll post WIPs whenever I feel stuck and need feedback, milestones and wins whenever I hit them 🙂

    Thanks in advance for the many help and encouragements you freely give 🙏 this forum is truly a blessing haha

  • Posting the first works feel like drawing on the front page of an actual sketchbook haha.

    I did this a few years back after Lee Whites Visual Storytelling class. I’ve felt stuck on how to continue Ever since 😅

    Is it worth continuing or should I scrap it and start over?

    Suggestions on how to improve the spreads are also very welcomed 🙂 Thanks so much 🙏





  • Awesome goals @donnamakesart! I like the value pass before going to color. Value and composition are king!

  • @donnamakesart I love your dream project list. It makes me feel like I should be doing something more substantial in 2021 🙂

    I have two minor suggestions on your spreads. On the right side of spread 2 I would consider moving the text into the negative space in the sky. It kind of feels cramped in that corner plus I think it will be easier to read on a lighter value. The left side of spread 3 feels too sparse compared to all the other pages. Maybe that is by design, but I think you could add a little something to help push the storytelling (maybe show more of the village?). I love spread 4! You had me at wolf in a top hat :), but also really enjoy the composition. If I were you I would keep working on this project. Good luck!

  • @j-sienkowski oh love that village idea for spread 3. Noted on the text for spread 2 🙂

    Glad you liked the top hat! I might tweak the character designs though since I went into this project without much thought back then 😅 thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated 🙏

  • @Jeremy-Ross yeah. Starting with value comps makes the whole process go much smoother. I’m not sold on the compositions I did so I might revisit them before moving forward haha.

  • Some progress. I’m trying to explore shapes and textures more but I’m not quite vibing with this. Switched the characters to anthropomorphic ones to fill in the gaps in my portfolio. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone ✊ (PS: I just realized how inhumane that idom sounds @.o)

    Bought a new brush set (Vivibrushes) for Procreate so I might give that a go. I played around with it today and had fun. I’ll show you guys the sketches 😁


  • I’ve been figuring out how other artists could make their digital art look so toothy. Maybe good texture brushes was the answer haha.

    Nothing can replace the organic feel of traditional art but I was pretty stoked with how these studies turned out 😊

    E1D7CC49-9FAC-42E6-9202-51D397B5D3C0.jpeg 47B99CAF-C4C2-4D01-A384-252704F7B4F5.jpeg

  • @donnamakesart Now your making me want to fill up a page with stylized tree studies! Actually, I could probably really use the practice. Haha, awesome work 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @donnamakesart great study! my trees tend to be too identical. I also need this type of exercise

  • @donnamakesart This is exactly the kind of study i tried/wanted to do. You've given me some inspiration! 🙂

  • Thanks @Braden-Hallett @Nyrryl-Cadiz and @Jacy13 😊 tag me if ever you do! Also, if you’re willing, let me know what brushes your use for digital works. This has opened a while new world for me haha.

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