Random Question - Do agencies not respond to Yahoo emails?

  • So I've been emailing my website to a few agencies, and it just struck me that I have been using a Yahoo email to request an agent. Does this make a big difference in the likelihood that they will respond?

    I have already gotten ahead and bought a new professional email.

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    @Michael-Angelo-Go i personally think that's not an issue. getting a professional email is not a bad move tho. I might get one myself in the future. My email is nycadiz123@gmail.com. I created it when I was still in high school. And that "123" is haunting me since. 😂 😂 😂

  • Maybe you should think about the subject of your mail (how click-batey is it?) & how long your mail is? Being to the point is important! Be nice in the mail and don't expect too much. Most probably won't respond. Try again in a month or two.

    Or maybe even send a postcard though the mail as a nice little message. People hate mails nowadays, we're overwhelmed by them. A postcard could be fun!

    But still, most won't respond and that's okay! You gotta hit up A LOT of people. It's all about putting in the numbers

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    @Michael-Angelo-Go I have a gmail address myself, one with my name. As long as it's not something crazy like animegirl666@yahoo.com I really think it's fine to be honest.

  • Respectfully I disagree with many of the replies here. You are a professional seeking professional work - why would use a yahoo address? (or google, etc)?

    Register a domain that identifies you and use that email. .com, .net, .art and the various TLDs for countries are available so it is easy to find a domain name.

    You are contacting (and hopefully working with) art directors and publishing companies - what happens if Yahoo is sold, goes out of business or discontinues their free email? For the $15 for a domain and the minimal cost of setting up email, is it worth the risk?

    Figure out an easy to use and remember domain name and start using that as part of your brand. If it is catchy name or one that you could possibly leverage with a trademark, licensing etc, after you register the initial .com (or whatever) at some point register the .net, .org, .art domains to stop another artist from taking them.

  • @jimsz I already own a professional email. It's author@michaelangelogo.com.

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    I mean it can't hurt, to be sure. It's a cute little touch. But is it going to make or break your applications? Nah.. It's about your art. I've never heard of any publisher rejecting an artist solely because they didn't like their email address.

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