Feedback Welcomed - Sequential Work for my Website!

  • Hello, I got rid of all my character design sheets on my website and other pieces that I think are not strong enough to appeal to an agency that I might either scrap or revise later along the way. Down below are the pieces I feel like I am going to work on or revise for my portfolio. A lot of you have been really helpful in my art journey, so your feedback is always welcomed. Right now I only have 11 pieces in my portfolio now and 4 them also need to be revised.


  • Monkey and the Tortoise 2016 Remake.png

    This piece is called "The Monkey and the Tortoise". I drew this piece when I was still in high school, probably around 2013. As you can see I wasn't really the master of color theory that I am today. I was also afraid of doing artwork without lineart back then with my characters. I did several sequential pieces for these, but I only fully colored three, because that's probably all I need from this story to add to my portfolio.

    Monkey and the Tortoise 2020 Remake 1.jpg.jpg Monkey and the Tortoise 2020 Remake 2.jpg Monkey and the Tortoise 2020 Remake 3.jpg.jpg


  • 079576f3-44df-42b3-b177-da2376b06567-image.png 9407e949-2c45-4901-acdc-00be0a0a63dd-image.png 67aa746f-0887-4f73-bfd1-c0f106db3fe9-image.png 1f393c3f-3259-470a-869b-42530e51bdc2-image.png e54c514b-6f0b-44c5-a5f3-e3eda5a8b722-image.png 0e2441e2-4f95-4db9-9fe8-40fa6d32af32-image.png 87703503-4bb0-4af5-ac78-1f4586b22c58-image.png d11a7872-4282-46a1-a832-ea22d1468aba-image.png

    I am not planning on coloring all of these but I think it's worth sharing.

  • SVS OG

    @Michael-Angelo-Go hi! Ah!!! You beat me to it!!! 😂😂😂 i was also planning to illustrate the Monkey and the Tortoise

  • Maybe you can do the messed up version where the turtle gets revenge at the monkey by impaling them with thorns and feeding the pieces to his monkey clan 😂😂😂

    Btw how's my composition/storytelling skills?

  • SVS OG

    @Michael-Angelo-Go i think the composition is great! your characters are adorable and I love your colors. My one minor suggestion would be to change the color of the sky. it's currebtly greenish and it kinda gives off an eerie atmosphere. maybe a soft blue would look great. But then a again this is just a minor nit pick. i think you've done an amazing job here. Very professional looking work!

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