Just walking a chicken

  • So this is a selfie, though I haven’t actually walked her on a leash, she is my friendliest chicken and I have considered it! Everyday she escapes the run and tries to come in the front door. 123A8CB7-F405-4655-B9AD-315EFFF21989.jpeg

    I think she’d make a great therapy chicken!

  • @powsupermum I have chickens too but my brown hen is the unfriendly one LoL. She bit me first thing this morning 😂 ( tho they ran out of food overnight so it was probably a deserving bite LoL .... She was hungry!)
    Very cute little illo!

  • @Coley thank you! they are funny critters arent they! This one “Jolene” she used to escape the outdoor “recess” brooder all the time too and run up the driveway to the house. I don’t know what her deal is she used to be a person in her past life I guess. Lol

  • Ha Ha 😆. Too cute. I raised my 4 new hens in the house for 6 weeks so now they always want to come in LoL.
    One day in October, I let them out to free range, heard a huge commotion, and ran outside in a huge rush, I saw a hawk fly off. It had tried to kill my older brown hen. she was luckily ok, and the others were hiding. Except for one. I couldn't find her anywhere. I was searching for about 40 minutes.i was very sad and thought she had been carried off by another hawk. My husband came home from work and went inside and the missing hen was inside the house hiding behind a door 🤣. When I ran out she must have ran in LoL.
    Now that I type this out I think it might make a good story or a couple images anyhow ha ha

  • @Coley haha sneaky thing!

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