Yeti final sketch WIP

  • I just did the 5 drawings! I need to fix some fingers, but other than that I think it's good to go! Does anything look like it's placed wrong or the perspective is off? The idea is that he's a little "snow ball" and he can tuck in his arms and legs and roll around.yeti-5-pose-sketch.jpg

    Also, quick question. For the competition you have to be an svs member right? How do they know you're a member?

  • @Meg-Clayburn Very cool! I love the rolling idea and how you have him up on the snowman--very clever!

    Compared to the front version, it looks like the back and sitting versions have thinner arms (also might be a little long on the sitting one). But everything else seems good to me!

    They probably check if your email on the forum matches the email you use for the SVS subscription (they might also go by full name, but idk about that). I'm pretty sure your subscription needs to be active while they're selecting the top 16 (and not just up to the last day of submission).

  • @miranda-hoover thank you! I think you're right about the arms, I'll fix that. The placement of limbs on the 3/4 back, do they look like they line up or is there something off?

  • @Meg-Clayburn Now that you mention it, it does look like the arm might be a little low (or possibly the mouth is a little high) in the back version. In the front version, the yeti's shoulder is higher than the mouth, but it's lower than the mouth in the front version.

  • @miranda-hoover you're right! There was something bugging me about his arms and I couldn't figure it out! Thank you!!!

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